New Gresso iPhone 4!


If you are on the look out for a fancy iPhone 4 – to stand out from the other millions of iPhones floating around in the world – check out the new Gresso Lady Blanche and Time Machine. 

Lady Blanche Diamonds costs a whopping $30,000. A solid diamond encrusted mineral glass backing, three Swiss watches and a pearl dial – that answers its steep price. The cheaper Lady Blanche embedded with Swarovski crystal costs $7,000. 
Gresso also has a black iPhone for men on the run, Time Machine, with less bling, 6 swiss clocks and costs $6,000.
Which one do you fancy? 🙂

I tried looking for a “designer” Android phone, but just couldn’t find one 😦

On the other hand, I did come across these new fashion handbags designed for the iPad by Versetta. It’s allows for you to have full access to your iPad without taking it out. I think it’s pretty comical, why would you need access to your iPad from the side of your bag? The bags start at $189, it’s a lot cheaper than the Lady Blanche, but would you buy it? Oh and there are messenger bags available for the boys.

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