A fake Apple store!

BY THE APPLE GIRLI’m sure you have heard of a fake iPhone, even a fake iPad, but have you heard of a fake Apple Store?!?!

Counterfeit Apple stores have popped up in China, complete with the blue T shirts and Apple name tags. To add to it, the sales people thought that they actually worked for Apple. Recently, as reported by MacRumors,  WSJ got in touch with with one of the sales people, who confirmed that the store is not an authorized retailer but did sell genuine Apple products at the same prices that Apple did.
There’s not just one fake Apple store, there are many! Hilarious!
Source: BirdAbroad

ROFL! Fake Apple stores selling real Apple products. I guess that shouldn’t shock me because anything can happen in China. Hey, maybe there will be a fake Louis Vuitton store selling real LV purses soon.Thus far they’ve uncovered 5 “fake” Apple stores in Kunming. Two of them have been shut down due to the lack of a proper business license. Surprisingly, the other three are still operational. 

Check out the video below. The store looks pretty real to me. My favorite part is that one of the stores has the Apple Store spelled as “Stoer” 🙂


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