iPhone 5 coming in September vs Nexus Prime in November?


There have been rumors about an iPhone 5 coming soon and Apple itself has hinted that a new product might be out soon.
During Apple’s Q3 earnings call, Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO, in response to why he was suggesting a 12 percent drop in revenue, said that there’s a lot going on this Fall with iOS5 and iCloud and also referred to a future product transition.
  1. Purported iPhone 5 cases from Chinese manufacturers have been popping up and they all seem to indicate a bigger size 5″ height 2.8″ width vs the current 4.5″ height 2.31″ width. They also suggest a thinner design. 
  2. The shape of the phone is also expected to move away from the industrial block shape to a slight tear dropped shape.
  3. The other rumors include the home button area expected to act as a gesture area. 
  4. The one thing everyone seems to be agreeing with is that the phone will have a faster processor.
  5. There have been rumors of LTE and NFC support, but I doubt these will be seen on the new phone.
As we move closer to the launch dates we will have more rumors and news which will be closer to the real features on iPhone5. So hang in there and we will update you with them! 🙂

If the rumors are true then that’s one slick device! It looks pretty thin, I just hope Google tops that with the new flagship device that they’re working on. It’s rumored that the device will be called Nexus Prime.

BGR confirmed awhile back that the new device won’t have any physical buttons. This makes sense since the new Nexus device is going to run Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) which is Google’s new OS that merges Honeycomb and Gingerbread. Currently, Honeycomb runs without any physical buttons. Wow does it sound like Apple is following someone’s footsteps, by replacing the physical button with a gesture pad? 😉

Applegirl, I really hope the iPhone 5 does have LTE and NFC as I’m sure the Nexus Prime will have it 🙂 Not to mention the Nexus will be sporting a super AMOLED HD screen! Can you see me drooling yet? The new Nexus phone is rumored to launch in Nov so it sure sounds like the iPhone 5 will have some competition 🙂


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