Nokia’s 808 PureView with 41MP camera

Nokia has managed to squeeze a 41 MP camera into a smart phone. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, Nokia announced the 808 Pure View which runs on Symbian Belle OS. I am surprised that Nokia wants to keep Symbian alive even after their tie up with Windows OS. The phone’s downright crazy camera features include Carl Zeiss Lens and 1080p video recording. Nokia has also included its Rich Recording technology which apparently records audio at near CD record quality and not to forget its Dolby headphone technology that allows users to experience their media in surround sound.

The ridiculous camera aside, the phone features 1.3 single core processor, 512MB RAM and a  4″ AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass. The downside is the size with the large camera pod jutting out. However, it seems have to have garnered some pleasant reviews about usability and size.

The phone is set to launch in Europe for 450 euros and no sign of when it wouitd be in the US. It seems like Nokia is bringing out the big guns in the mobile handset war. The other Nokia Windows phone have been getting more attention with increasing popularity and I am eager to see Nokia’s smart phone numbers in a year or two and map them up against Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and the likes.


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