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February 17, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II & Sony Experia Play


It’s finally official, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S II at the MWC (mobile world congress) . Are you one of those who loved the Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S devices? Well the Galaxy S II sports a Super AMOLED Plus 4.27 inch display. Super AMOLED Plus offers 50% more sub pixels which provides for a crisper display.

In addition, to the gorgeous display, the Galaxy S II sports a 1 GHz dual core processor, 8 mega pixel camera, 2 mega pixel front facing camera and it supports 1080p video recording . It also runs Touchwiz 4.0 which is built on top of Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Not to mention, the phone is super thin (8.4 mm)!

The Galaxy S II releases later this month in Europe and Asia. I am going to keep my eye out on this phone. This looks to be an awesome phone if the US carriers don’t screw it up like they did the Galaxy S. Please, please, please sell the phone as is and don’t put Bing on it!

Source: engadget, intomobile


One of the other phones released at the Mobile World Congress was the Sony Xperia Play. Sony Xperia was formerly known as the PlayStation Phone and was unveiled in the Super Bowl ad.

Xperia Play features Android 2.3 (aka Ginger Bread), a 4 inch display, front and rear cameras,  a 1GHZ Snapdragon processor along with Adreno GPU graphics processor to deliver 60fps playback and 3d mobile gaming. In place of a slide out keyboard, it has a slide out D pad with the familiar Play Station controls. You can download games at the PlayStation Store.  

Sony has been threatened by Apple, with the iPhone eating into its PSP market as the new gaming device (Sony even had an ad mocking the iPhone last year).
Coming out with a dual use phone is a good move but too late Sony!
Now for the bad news, if you own a game on PS3 or PSP that is also available on Xperia Play, you will probably need to download and pay for the game again. Let’s hope Sony decides to change that. After spending $50 on a game, I would hate to shell out more money to be able to play the same game on the phone.

The Xperia duals into a phone (obviously!) and is not appealing at all (What do you expect if Sony decides to stick a phone in a PSP?) Either way, I think Sony has a chance at the extraordinarily small amount of fAndroid PSP/PS3 niche market. Hey! I am an avid PS3 gamer, and I don’t feel the need to go out and buy the phone! (GoogleChic, would say that the iPhone has something to with that! :))

Check out the review by Engadget ..

December 4, 2010

Sony Google TV


Last weekend, I was at the Sony store checking out its new Google TV. I came out mystified with the overly complex way of experiencing TV. I’m not convinced that I will be Google searching anything on my TV in the future!

The TV remote is a monstrosity!! I even think my current Time Warner Cable remote (with a million buttons) is much simpler than the Google TV remote.

Google TV has a home screen with a list of core functions, and as we all know Google loves searches. You type in a keyword you would like to search and Google brings up a list of related hits from both TV and Internet content. And then you waste some more time by clicking on sites you wouldn’t have gone to otherwise and finally find that TV show you were looking for (or not!) You could  have grabbed a snack in that time and watched half the show 🙂

Google TV is only half baked and not completely integrated into TV programming. While you can use Google TV to search and tune into live programs, it won’t allow you to set up a show for recording or to search in your recorded shows unless you have the Dish TV integrated Google TV box.

GoogleChic, you are going to hate this one 😉 Hulu, ABC, NBC, CBS and their associated networks have all blocked out Google TV. With the limited internet video content Google TV gives you, this is a wasteful buy.

I am not sure why Sony, with its years of home entertainment experience could not integrate Google TV like functionality into its PS3. Even the current Netflix App interface on the PS3 is much better than the one on Google TV. PS3, an internet connected gaming device with a blue ray player, has a big selling point if it came with Google TV like functionality.

There is much Google and Sony have to learn from Apple such as its knack for a beautiful form factor, simple and intuitive user interface along with the foresight to build a family of seamlessly interconnected products! Whatever Sony and Google have cooked up sure does not seem to be revolutionizing home entertainment. GoogleChic, agree? 😉


I can’t believe AppleGirl just compared the Sony Google TV to the Apple TV. One is an actual full fledge TV and the other one is a box, how can you compare the two form factors 😉 The Sony TV looks pretty slick to me! Not to mention the Apple TV doesn’t support internet.

As for Sony putting Google TV on the PS3, instead of that approach, they’re offering a blue ray player with Google TV built in.

Check out the video below, Google TV seems pretty integrated to me. The search feature is easy to use even for a first time user, I’m not quite sure what AppleGirl is talking about. Oh wait this isn’t an Apple product, I forgot if there is more than one button it’ll be hard for her to use 😉

Also, the dual mode view is neat. It’ll allow you to search your shows, browse the internet and watch TV all at the same time.

As for major networks blocking Google TV, Google is actively negotiating with them. It’ll be a matter of time before this becomes available again. Think of the extra revenue that the networks can bring in from the advertisements alone. This power just needs to be harnessed correctly.

Keep in mind this is the first generation Google TV and there’s a lot of interest from many different manufacturer (umm unlike the Apple monopoly). Samsung is also jumping on the Google TV bandwagon and ditching their own version of internet TV.

September 30, 2010

Control your Droid with Sony Ericsson’s Live View Remote


Sony Ericsson ‘s Live View Remote is an accessory with a blue tooth connection to an Android phone. It allows you to read text messages, see incoming calls, social updates as well as control volume and music on the phone(and all this through buttons on the side of a tiny square device! How convenient!).

If you are lazy to take out your phone from your pocket or handbag (maybe you would be,  considering the size of the Droids these days!)  or if you are ashamed to flip out that ugly Android phone while on a date, this device is perfect for you! GoogleChic, it even has “Find my Phone” feature, but in all cases you would have misplaced the remote before you misplace your phone! 😉

I hope you don’t compare this useless device to the iPod nano. Androids really want a piece of Apple as much as they hate it!


Honestly, I just don’t see the point of this device. For this device to work, your phone has to be nearby, so if you’re walking around it’ll probably be in your pocket. Has life gotten so hard that you can’t reach in your pocket to take out your phone to check and see if you have messages?

If you’re a runner, you may say that the Live View Remote is useful, but really? Yes, you can run a gps app on your phone to track distance, pace etc. However, you will still have to carry your phone with you. As a runner, I always want to carry the least amount possible when I run. I would much rather invest in a Garmin Forerunner watch as compared to the Live View device.

August 17, 2010

Sony, wanna play?


Sony, in its recent PSP ads, has been mocking the Apple iPhone. The ad says the iPhone is not meant for “big boy games”.

Why does a hand-held gaming device like Sony PSP want to be compared to a smartphone?  hmm .. and I thought we should be comparing apples to apples.

The most recent rumor is that Sony is preparing to release a PSP go like smartphone on Android. As much I love my PS3, Sony, you are really missing the point here. It’s somewhat like the Dell Streak dilemma, too expensive and awkward for a PSP or a phone.

Don’t get carried away by GoogleChic’s Gingerbread trail or Froyo slush. Use your niche market while you still have ’em 😉

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Come on over Sony, there’s plenty of room in the Android world to make room for one more. AppleGirl is just bitter that Sony didn’t choose to invest in a platform that has so many restrictions. I mean, just the other day Adobe said goodbye to Apple because Apple didn’t wanna play nice.

If you’re a gamer, wouldn’t you want an all in one device that you can carry on the go? I’m honestly excited to see what Sony will bring to the table for the Android gaming community.

AppleGirl, I think Sony realizes they need to step up their game to keep its niche in the market.  Let’s hope Sony moves faster on this device as compare to the Xperia X10.

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August 10, 2010

Sony Xperia X10 enters the mobile game too late?


GoogleChic, what do you think of Sony’s Android attempt? Now that they have decided to finally release it in US with AT&T, I think Sony has to play catch up with other superior phones like the iPhone 4!
The 1GHz processor is impressive but its sad that it ships with an old Android software. This is my hang up with Android and the devices that carry it.  While some of the droid counterparts  enjoy the newest updates, why are some deprived of it?

Take my advise and join the Apple wagon. You will get the latest iOS on time, everytime! GoogleChic, Agree? 😉


AppleGirl, I will agree with you on one point. Sony is behind the times. Xperia X10 was announced at the end of last year, that is even before the Nexus was available. Back then the 1 GHz snapdragon processor sound like a dream (now, its’ reality, we have it on the Nexus, EVO and Incredible). Since then, we have moved onto bigger and better things like dual core processors.

As for software updates, if you’re going to drag your feet like Sony, of course you’ll be outdated! Unlike Apple, which releases a major update to their OS once a year Google is ever evolving;  adapting to the latest and providing its users with the latest and greatest.

AppleGirl, you can wait once a year for your OS update and get outdated features like wallpaper and multitasking. Also, you can spend countless hours attempting to update your software since Apple’s servers can’t handle the load and keeps crashing your update. Or you can come over to Android, the update process to 2.2 (Froyo) took me a total of 3 painless mins.

P.S Just like the Xperia X10 the iPhone is old news, it’s no longer the superior phone. With 200,000 Android devices activated per day, that should speak for it self.

December 18, 2011

Future of TV?


Steve Jobs’ biography has sparked quite a few Apple TV set rumors when the biography revealed that Steve has cracked the problem of creating an effective interactive television. There have been rumors about a Siri controlled Apple TV set. The latest rumors as reported on WSJ indicates that Apple TV will be very reliant on the cloud, allowing users to download or stream movies, TV shows directly to the TV set. Apple is also said to be working on an enhanced version of Airplay which allows the user to start watching video on the TV and continue watching it on their iPad, iPhone. As in Apple TV, the Apple TV Set can also be controlled through iPhone, iPad etc. The best in this series of rumors is that Apple is working on iCloud based DVR service (I hate the set-top box for its unnecessary clunkiness and lack of technology!) 

Every analyst, tech writer, and blogger our there seem to believe that an Apple TV set is in the making. If any of that is true, I’m looking forward to a revolution in TV hardware, software and cable services.

Recently, Sony was in the news for trying to compete with Apple’s expected Apple TV Set. Sony is looking to beam TV content directly to its Sony PS 3’s, TV’s and Blu-Ray players through the web. There are about 18.1 million PS3’s out there, but Sony has failed to use the devices to sell any content (of value) so far, even though the company is aptly placed both with hardware and with manufacturer clout, to make the bold move. But the question is … will Sony be able to sell smaller bundles by undercutting the prices charged by cable companies and will media companies ignore their own biggest customers – cable operators. 

TV isn’t going anywhere and in my opinion it is still in its infancy, but the way it is distributed will change drastically in the coming years. Credit Suisse Analyst has forecasted a 200,000 subscriber loss for the US pay television market in 2012. Young people are growing up in a world where they have access to free content on the internet and with access to portable gadgets with high-speed data, the need of the moment is to access the media content anywhere and at anytime. Will cable companies be able to survive this consumer driven market and still fend off technology giants like Apple?  I don’t think so.

November 20, 2011

Google Music vs. iTunes vs. Amazon MP3


Last week Google announced its iTunes competitor, Google Music, a web-based music store currently only available in the US. It’s interesting to see that Google is trying to play catch up with Apple on many of Apple’s products, while Apple is quietly carving away new products and markets. I am sure GoogleChic won’t like to hear it 🙂 

Here’s my unbiased attempt to spell out the differences between Google Music and iTunes. For a very brief overview scroll down for Huffington’s breakdown on iTunes, Google Music and Amazon MP3 

  • Cost: Google Music provides free storage of 20,000 songs for free while Apple provides free storage for songs bought on iTunes and $24.99 per year for iTunes match – for up to 25,000 songs that you haven’t bought on iTunes.
  • Access:  On Google Music, you can access your music via a web interface.  Using iTunes match on a desktop would require the iTunes. On your iOS devices you have seamless access and I don’t have to say much about Apple’s intuitive interface.
  • Storage space: You get 25,000 song storage on iTunes match while 20,000 on Google Music.
  • Upload:  Each song on Google Music is uploaded manually and would probably suck up a lot of time, while iTunes match “matches” your song with its own digital library and doesn’t really upload the song from your computer saving you some upload time.
  • Quality: Whatever the quality of music you have, iTunes Match gives you the high quality 256 kbps AAC, while Google just stores it in whatever format you have. While legitimizing your ripped songs, Apple is also giving you the best quality audio. 
  • Catalog size: Google Music offers over 13 million songs available for purchase. One missing piece in Google Music is Warner Music Group, third largest record label in the music industry, holding approx 20 percent of the market share. Google is still to finalize deals with Time Warner Music. Apple has agreements with all the four big wigs EMI, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, so obviously you can buy across a wider range of music than Google Music.
  • Social Networking: Google Music is integrated with Google+ and Apple has its own music network called Ping, one of it’s failed products. Google+ allows users to post individual tracks to their Google+ pages where friends get one time free listen of each track. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google+ doesn’t give Google Music the expected edge since Google + hasn’t done much to steal away Facebook’s subscribers.

At the end it comes down to “Will Google beat Apple’s iTunes eco system?” There is a big gaping music hole in the Apple vs. Google war. The only things, in my opinion, that Google has to its advantage is the accessibility and cost, which probably appeals to a wider audience, but there are other forces like Amazon that Google has to beckon with before it starts hurting Apple and the iTunes consumer base Apple has built up over the years. What do you think?


November 12, 2011

Google TV a big hit? Logitech doesn’t think so.


Google TV was announced last year with much hype, but seems like the hype is sizzling out. Logitech was one of the new entrants with a Google TV box called Revue priced at $299 at the release. Recently, Logitech announced a price slash to $99, taking a loss since returns exceeded sales. Google recently announced an update to the Google TV software promising a more streamlined interface and improved searching capabilities. 

The Verge reports that Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca indicated that the 2010 Christmas launch of Logitech Revue was a “mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature”. He mentioned that the company “had brought closure to the Logitech Google TV saga” and decided to let inventory run out this quarter and that Logitech has no plans to replace the Google TV box. This mistake plus operational miscues in EMEA has resulted the company with $100 M in operating profits.

Google has to admit that it doesn’t have a winner in the TV arena, at least not yet. I like that it allows me to surf the web on the TV, but I need a better incentive than that. Similar to Google TV, cable TV content is lacking on Apple TV. Other features such as NetFlix, Hulu, purchasing movies and TV shows are similar on both Apple TV and Google TV. But Apple TV’s trump card is Airplay which lets you seamlessly stream content from any of the iDevices to your TV. Without an Apple TV, you could use DLNA to stream, but good luck trying to get it to work like AirPlay.  

To Google’s credit, they have the right idea of simplifying and enriching the TV experience by merging TV and cable content. But Google falls short on the implementation and its disability to get premium TV content providers on board is not helping either. Still, there are new entrants, such as LG, expected to integrate Google TV into television sets, not to mention that Sony already has a Google smart TV out there that is not selling like hot buns.


June 5, 2011

iOS 5 and iCloud rumors – What to expect?


Apple has started preparing Moscone West Conference Center, SF for its WWDC conference, when Jobs is expected to launch the new iOS 5 and iCloud on June 6. Apple will set the new mobile software bar for Android? 😀

Here are the rumors flying around:
  1. iCloud: This will be Apple’s cloud storage feature for accessing all your iTunes content and more. It is more of a revamped MobileMe, Apple’s already existing cloud storage service. Apple has reportedly locked up agreements with the four major music companies – Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner on streaming music via iCloud. A special treat would be if Apple lets streaming of movies and TV shows too.
  2. Free iCloud: Rumor has it that Apple will offer a free trial for those who buy music on iTunes and later charge about $25/yr for the service. I hope this is true. It would make sense for Apple to give away iCloud with limited storage for free at least for a while in order to woo its customers. 
  3. Twitter and Facebook Integration: With Facebook and Twitter users going crazy over mobile photo uploads, deeper Facebook and Twitter integration should be great news for them. 
  4. Better notifications: GoogleChic will be thrilled about this 🙂 I haven’t really felt the need for a notification system like the one on Android, but let’s see what Apple has in store! Apparently Apple hired the notification add on (available on jail broken phones: check out the video below) developer, Peter Hajas. Rumor has it that widgets are also coming to iOS 5, but I doubt that.
  5. iOS 5 not supported on 3GS: All you iPhone 3GS users, it’s time to move on. Apple might just abandon you all with the iOS 5.0 update.
  6. Automatic app update: This is not a big deal. It leaked out this morning from the Apple website. Currently, iOS users have to manually go and update the apps. Apple will add a automatic over the air app update feature on the new iOS 5.0.
  7. Voice Recognition: One of the good rumors is that speech recognition will be updated with iOS 5.0. This feature has never been big on the iPhone. Apple’s licensing talks with Nuance hopefully has something to do with deeply integrating voice recognition into iOS. Apple’s acquisition of Siri in 2010, is also a harbinger of Apple working on advanced voice technology. 
Along with iOS 5.0 and iCloud, Apple will also released Mac OS Lion that it previewed last year.
Mobile Notifier for (jail broken) iOS 
What to expect at WWDC?

Apple isn’t setting the new bar for mobile software. In fact, I’m appalled at that fact that Apple is a copy cat.  What happen to Apple being innovative? Apple added the wallpaper concept with the last iOS update, so now with iOS 5 they decide to finally add widgets and notifications? They mind as well throw in the desktop concept and iOS and Android will just be the same! 

I’m sure all the fanboys are ecstatic about the new features with iOS 5, but it’s old news for us Android folks.

1. Music Beta: Google has released music beta by invitation only. Music beta allows for you to upload all your music to the cloud and listen to it with any device; laptop, tablet or phone. Whenever a new play list is created it automatically syncs it to your devices. Also, there’s even an offline mode to allow for you to listen to recent music that’s been played on your device in the absence of internet.

2. Free Music Beta: Right now, this service is offered free of charge.

3. Twitter and Facebook Integration: Wow, we’re now in 2011 and after all the iOS releases Apple is just now introducing this? Us Android folks have been taking pictures, hitting the menu button and sharing to our hearts content! 

4. Notifications: AppleGirl, I’m not thrilled about this, Apple pretty much ripped of Android’s notification system! We’ve had this feature since day one 🙂 I can’t wait to see the final product, if it’s like the jail broken version it isn’t as nicely integrated as the Android notification drawer. 

5. Hardware & OS issues: This is an issue for Android users as well so I leave this one alone 🙂

6. Automatic app update: Again, nothing new over here, automatic Market updates has been available since the last Market app update.

7. Voice Recognition: Hmm, has speech recognition never been big on the iPhone because it doesn’t work well ;)? I’ve been using the speech to text feature for quite some time now and I have to say it’s awesome! Again nothing new over on this side!

If those are all the new features of iOS 5, it sure looks like Android is setting the bar! All you fanboys, just jump on the Android bandwagon already. You’ll be much happier on this side of the fence 🙂


May 29, 2011

doubleTwist – iTunes and Airplay for Android


Do you dream of iTunes and AirPlay on Android? doubleTwist has just made your life easier by offering support for iTunes sync and AirPlay streaming on Android.doubleTwist App lets you sync your iTunes to your Android phone and stream photos, music and videos to Apple TV and music and videos to DLNA devices.

The doubleTwist Player itself is free, but if you want to use AirPlay there is a price of $4.99 for it, which I’m sure you will gladly pay up after having fought with your DLNA device for months 😉

Albeit, the thing to keep in mind before you jump the gun is that doubleTwist does not support streaming to AirPort Express! doubleTwist brands its Apps as “The Cure for iPhone envy” and “Life without wires”. Aptly so!

The other options are the Twonky Mobile which offers AirPlay and DLNA streaming but no iTunes sync and MediaSync which offers iTunes sync but no AirPlay.


Is doubleTwist really the cure for the iPhone envy? Or rather the solution for people that are trading in their iPhones for an Android? 🙂 

I have to say I came across two iPhone fan boys this week that are ready to throw in the towel and move on over to Android. doubleTwist will sure make their transition easier. I’m sure they’ll be happy to know that for $4.99 they can still stream to their Apple TV from their new phones.

doubleTwist also offers NFC MP3 sharing. Just double tap your phones together and your music can be shared either via Bluetooth or WiFi. Hmm, I wonder when the iPhone will be able to do that!

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