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October 12, 2011

Go get iOS 5 now!


The popular iOS 5.0 is now available for upgrade.  You will have first update iTunes to version 10.5, hook up your iDevice to your computer (probably the last time you would need a computer to upgrade your iDevice) and upgrade OS to iOS 5.0. I’m assuming that it would take some time to upgrade since this is the first day.

iOS 5.0 comes with the iCloud, better notification system, twitter integration, over the air updates, Safari updates, iMessage, reminders, camera and photo updates among 200+ features. Enjoy! 🙂

October 9, 2011

iPhone 4S


On October 5th, a day before Steve Jobs passed away, Apple released the iPhone 4S, the latest in the line of iPhones. On the outside, iPhone 4S looks very much like the iPhone 4, but on the inside it’s got some cool features and hardware.

1. Dual core A5 chip: It’s the same chip that’s in the iPad 2. It’s said to deliver twice the power and seven times faster graphics. The Epic Infinity Blade 2 Demo at the Apple event was phenomenal. Sometimes, I feel my iPhone 4 is slower in opening up Apps as compared to the iPad2. Well, the A5 chip is going to fix that. iPhone 4S is expected to give up to 8 hours of battery life on 3G and 6/8 hours of internet usage on 3G/Wifi.

2. Camera: It’s unbelievable how many markets Apple is trying to occupy. In my opinion, it’s won the mobile market:). Then there is the camera market. Many people use their mobile phones as their primary camera, so Apple just made the iPhone’s camera much better. The iPhone 4S camera comes with a 8 megapixel camera, which is available on some Android phones already. But the iPhone 4S comes with all new optics to make the pictures sharper, a f2.4 aperture to let in more light. Apple also claims that the new A5 chip comes with a new image signal processor which is as good as on many DSLRs.

Doesn’t it bother you when you pull out your phone to take a picture, and it takes ages to take that first picture. You probably would have lost the picture perfect moment in those few seconds. iPhone 4S’s time to first picture more than halves the time taken by phone cameras and time to second picture is 1/4 the time taken by other phones. I think that’s quite a nifty feature. And of course, iPhone 4S comes with already existing feature,  HDR which captures 3 photos with different exposure in a single photo. With the iCloud feature in iOS 5, you get to send all the pictures automatically to the cloud and to all your iDevices connected to it. 

Apple also upped the quality on the video camera to 1080p HD video with image stabilization. All in all, I think Apple has done an excellent job with the camera. 

3. Siri: Siri is your personal assistant. It lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, search the internet and much more. Siri understands what you say and what you mean too. Apple has tried to make Siri intelligent such that you don’t need to use only certain keywords that most phones do. Siri is pretty cool and knowing how Apple does things, you can only expect an enriched Siri in the coming software releases. Right now,  Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S and wont be available for software upgrade on iPhone 4. 

4. Improved antenna system: What this means is that you can download anything faster than an iPhone 4. The download speed is 14.4Mbps as compared to 7.2 Mbps on iPhone 4. This is one awesome feature for all those who crib about slow downloads. 

5. World Phone: iPhone 4S is a dual technology phone. You can use the same phone on GSM and CDMA networks all over the world. 

6. iCards: Remember when I said, that Apple is going after a lot of big guys. Well, looks like Hallmark is also being served, because Apple introduced this feature called the iCards, where you can create an iCard right from your iPhone or iPad. With a few taps you can ship it to anywhere in the world.

7. iOS 5: is the latest in the software upgrades and is packed with some tremendous features such as iCloud, better browsing, twitter integration, newsstand, notification center and iMessage. Check out our iOS 5.0 blog for more details. 

iPhone 4S comes in both black and white. It costs $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB, all with 2 year contracts. A contract free phone is going to cost $549. The iPhone 4S is available on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in the US and will start shipping October 14th, although it is available for pre-order starting October 7th. Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile , Three will be carrying it in the UK. iPhone 4S is also shipped to Japan, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. 


iPhone 4S official video

July 12, 2011

Apple iOS 5 vs Android Ice Cream Sandwich


Apple recently announced iOS 5 -available to customers this Fall. The new release contains over 200 + updates and is available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch. Here are the key features:

  1. Notification Center: which is quite similar to Android’s implementation. GoogleChic is fuming over this! 🙂 You can slide down the Notification Center and display all your notifications and access them right away. The new notifications don’t interrupt and they are displayed at the top of the screen when they appear. Also,  the lock screen neatly displays all the notifications, and you can just slide on each notification from the lock screen, which is pretty cool.
  2. Newstand: As a fan of eMagazines and Newspapers, I think this is one of the most useful features in this release. It gives a central place for iOS users to access all the ezines and newspapers. It has a shelf screen like iBooks and automatically downloads the latest edition, which is very convenient.
  3. iMessage: provides a new messaging service to all its iOS users. Finally we can save on all those text messaging fees that AT&T and Verizon is ripping us off.
  4. PC free: You can buy a new iDevice and activate and setup it up wirelessly; no more iTunes to set it up. All the Over The Air updates, WiFi syncing and iCloud backup in this release is making me giddy 🙂
  5. Twitter: Apple now gives a system wide integration for Twitter (which is probably the only third party app Apple has integrated with). Once you sign in, you should be able to tweet from any where on the phone. Apple wouldn’t do it unless there was popular demand for this. I can only imagine how many extra tweets this is going to generate.
  6. Safari : The three new Safari features in this release is tabbed browsing, Reader and Reading List. I love the new Safari reader feature. It removes all the ads and distractions while you are reading an article. It basically strips out all the flak and gives you the meat. Reading List lets you bookmark your article, which iCloud syncs to all your iDevices. GoogleChic wont like to hear it but the truth is that Android uses an Apple’s Safari Engine (WebKit) in its browser. So effectively, Safari Engine provides for 90% of mobile phone browsing 🙂 
  7. Reminders: Apple’s advanced reminder system, among other things provides location-based reminders which is synced to iCloud and with all your other iDevices. 
  8. Camera and Photos: You don’t have to look for the camera App when you want to take a picture. Now you can access it directly from the lock screen and even use the volume up button to take a picture. Apple has also introduced photo editing including red-eye reduction, crop, rotate and enhance along with iCloud syncing to photos.
iOS 5 goes hand in hand with iCloud. So this really is the first step into integrating Apple’s devices into cloud based computing. I can’t wait to see what the next release holds. I bet GoogleChic wants to show off some Android Ice Cream Sandwich features now 🙂


AppleGirl has one thing right, heck yeah I want to brag just a little about Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead of boring y’all with a side by side comparison with iOS 5, and point out how most of the features were inspired by Android :). Let’s explore what Google has to offer with Ice Cream Sandwich; Android 4.0.Ice Cream Sandwich will include all of the features from Honeycomb which is currently only available on tablets. It’ll run across all devices from phones, tablets to laptops. It’s looks like Google is trying to stop fragmentation (at least that’s what AppleGirl claims :)) and building an OS that can run across all devices. 

The coolest feature is the ability to utilize the camera to recognize the movement of a user and adjust the display accordingly. Similarly, it uses the camera for the facial recognition software in which it can act as a “virtual camera operator”. Check out the video below to see the demo. Android 4.0 will also contain new APIs that will allow for the UI to adjust depending on available screen space on the device.

Ice Cream Sandwich is schedule to launch in Q4 and it’s rumored to launch on a new device, perhaps the Nexus 4G?

June 5, 2011

iOS 5 and iCloud rumors – What to expect?


Apple has started preparing Moscone West Conference Center, SF for its WWDC conference, when Jobs is expected to launch the new iOS 5 and iCloud on June 6. Apple will set the new mobile software bar for Android? 😀

Here are the rumors flying around:
  1. iCloud: This will be Apple’s cloud storage feature for accessing all your iTunes content and more. It is more of a revamped MobileMe, Apple’s already existing cloud storage service. Apple has reportedly locked up agreements with the four major music companies – Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner on streaming music via iCloud. A special treat would be if Apple lets streaming of movies and TV shows too.
  2. Free iCloud: Rumor has it that Apple will offer a free trial for those who buy music on iTunes and later charge about $25/yr for the service. I hope this is true. It would make sense for Apple to give away iCloud with limited storage for free at least for a while in order to woo its customers. 
  3. Twitter and Facebook Integration: With Facebook and Twitter users going crazy over mobile photo uploads, deeper Facebook and Twitter integration should be great news for them. 
  4. Better notifications: GoogleChic will be thrilled about this 🙂 I haven’t really felt the need for a notification system like the one on Android, but let’s see what Apple has in store! Apparently Apple hired the notification add on (available on jail broken phones: check out the video below) developer, Peter Hajas. Rumor has it that widgets are also coming to iOS 5, but I doubt that.
  5. iOS 5 not supported on 3GS: All you iPhone 3GS users, it’s time to move on. Apple might just abandon you all with the iOS 5.0 update.
  6. Automatic app update: This is not a big deal. It leaked out this morning from the Apple website. Currently, iOS users have to manually go and update the apps. Apple will add a automatic over the air app update feature on the new iOS 5.0.
  7. Voice Recognition: One of the good rumors is that speech recognition will be updated with iOS 5.0. This feature has never been big on the iPhone. Apple’s licensing talks with Nuance hopefully has something to do with deeply integrating voice recognition into iOS. Apple’s acquisition of Siri in 2010, is also a harbinger of Apple working on advanced voice technology. 
Along with iOS 5.0 and iCloud, Apple will also released Mac OS Lion that it previewed last year.
Mobile Notifier for (jail broken) iOS 
What to expect at WWDC?

Apple isn’t setting the new bar for mobile software. In fact, I’m appalled at that fact that Apple is a copy cat.  What happen to Apple being innovative? Apple added the wallpaper concept with the last iOS update, so now with iOS 5 they decide to finally add widgets and notifications? They mind as well throw in the desktop concept and iOS and Android will just be the same! 

I’m sure all the fanboys are ecstatic about the new features with iOS 5, but it’s old news for us Android folks.

1. Music Beta: Google has released music beta by invitation only. Music beta allows for you to upload all your music to the cloud and listen to it with any device; laptop, tablet or phone. Whenever a new play list is created it automatically syncs it to your devices. Also, there’s even an offline mode to allow for you to listen to recent music that’s been played on your device in the absence of internet.

2. Free Music Beta: Right now, this service is offered free of charge.

3. Twitter and Facebook Integration: Wow, we’re now in 2011 and after all the iOS releases Apple is just now introducing this? Us Android folks have been taking pictures, hitting the menu button and sharing to our hearts content! 

4. Notifications: AppleGirl, I’m not thrilled about this, Apple pretty much ripped of Android’s notification system! We’ve had this feature since day one 🙂 I can’t wait to see the final product, if it’s like the jail broken version it isn’t as nicely integrated as the Android notification drawer. 

5. Hardware & OS issues: This is an issue for Android users as well so I leave this one alone 🙂

6. Automatic app update: Again, nothing new over here, automatic Market updates has been available since the last Market app update.

7. Voice Recognition: Hmm, has speech recognition never been big on the iPhone because it doesn’t work well ;)? I’ve been using the speech to text feature for quite some time now and I have to say it’s awesome! Again nothing new over on this side!

If those are all the new features of iOS 5, it sure looks like Android is setting the bar! All you fanboys, just jump on the Android bandwagon already. You’ll be much happier on this side of the fence 🙂


May 31, 2011

Steve Jobs to release iCloud, iOS 5 and Lion – June 6


Apple announced today that CEO Steve Jobs and other executives will introduce Apple’s cloud services – iCloud along with iOS 5.0 and Mac OS 10.7 Lion on Monday June 6 10 AM PST at WWDC. In the meantime, watch out for our upcoming blogs on the latest round up of all the iOS 5 and iCloud rumors. 

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