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March 19, 2012

The new iPad tops 3 million in under 4 days

 BY THE APPLE GIRLThe new iPad featuring the Retina display, A5X quad core graphics, a 5 MP iSight camera for capturing amazing photos and 1080p HD camera, 10 hour battery life and 4G LTE support, has topped 3 million units in less than 4 daysIn comparison, Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S units in its first weekend and they were much cheaper and more widely popular.

March 6, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Media Event – March 7


Apple’s next media event is coming up on March 7, when it is expected to launch iPad 3. There have been numerous rumors about the event and we have rounded up and classified some important ones. Let us know what you think!

Very Likely

1. Retina Display – It is rumored that iPad 3 will be equipped with a Retina Display – a high-resolution screen found on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.  According to the rumors, iPad 3 should have 1536×2048 resolution which is twice that of its predecessor, iPad 2.

2. Higher Resolution Camera – The camera on the iPad 2 is pending an upgrade and rumors say that this is coming on iPad 3 – a possible 8 MP camera. 

3. Processor – An improved dual core processor with better graphic processing is expected with the rumored A5X processor. Some rumors indicate a quad-core A6 processor, but it seems to be unlikely.

4. Siri support – This is possible but I am not betting on it as much as I would on the retina display.

5. Form Factor – Some rumors indicate that the device will be slightly thicker than iPad 2 (about 0.81 mm thicker)


1. LTE Support – I am on the borderline on this one. Wall Street Journal at one point reported that Apple would release a 4G LTE supported iPad 3. iMore, which accurately reported the iPad 3 Media event date also reported that Apple will be releasing a 4G enabled iPad. If Apple wants to be competitive with its rival tablets this year, this might be happening.

No Way

1. Price Hike – Although rumors suggest that  there might be a slight price hike ($80) on the iPad 3 due to the addition of the retina display, I wouldn’t bet on it. Apple would have figured out its economies of scale to make a Retina Display iPad 3 at its existing sweet spot price.

2. iPad Mini – This rumor has been around since the time the iPad launched and thanks to other Android and Amazon tablets trying to capitalize on an untapped small tablet market, the rumor doesn’t seem to be going away, In any case, I wouldn’t bet on it.

There have been reports of Apple stalling replenishment of Apple TV set-top box at many Apple retailers across the US. It’s possible that an Apple TV update is coming at the media event. Then there is the most famous rumor about the Apple TV sets referred to in Steve Jobs’ biography.

All in all, this will be an exciting Apple Media Event. Can’t wait! 🙂

Source: MacRumors, ArsTechnica, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, iMore

May 22, 2011

Samsung to beat Apple with Retina Display?


Samsung, termed Apple’s frenemy, will demo a new LCD display technology for future tablets with Apple’s retina display like pixel density. Retina display is anticipated on iPad 3, but will Samsung outdo Apple by launching a retina display tablet? If they do, will Apple still source its own iPad 3 displays from Samsung?
The technology world has debated on how expensive a retina display iPad would be. It would be interesting to see how Samsung prices its new tablet and if Apple can beat that price with iPad 3, which presumably will carry retina display.  

At the Google I/O conference they handed out the Samsung 10.1 Tab and it looks slick!

The Samsung 10.1 Tab is 8.6 mm thin with a 1280×800 resolution screen which is slightly better than the 1024×768 iPad 2 resolution. If Samsung can deliver on the high resolution LCD at 2560×1600 it would make their tablet the best out there!

Of course that is until Apple decides that it’s not always the best to do everything in house and source it for their iPads.

Think how sweet the videos would look on thin Tab!

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