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October 27, 2010

Microsoft’s “Riskiest Product Bet” – Windows 8?


Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, was recently interviewed by Gartner when he mentioned Microsoft’s riskiest product bet is the next version of Windows (which we like to call as Windows 8), expected to release in 2012.

The leaked Windows 8 slide deck (dated April 2010) hints at the feature set Microsoft might be planning. Let’s do an early comparison (assuming these slides are genuine) and hear what GoogleChic has to say about it, considering the fact that she is pimping her Acer as a tough MacBook Air competitor (I am still ROTFL’ing about it :D)

1. Fast startup: which is going to make PC shutdown and startup faster. GoogleChic, is this what you would compare with MacBook Air’s instant on? Let alone beating flash bootup on Air, you should be happy if Windows 8 can get close to the startup/shutdown time on the old MacBooks.

2. Windows Push Button Reset: that will essentially reinstall Windows while maintaining all your personal files intact. Microsoft is so confident that your PC is going to crash a million times in its lifetime, that they have developed a solution for it. Way to go! 😉

3. Windows App Store: Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Mac App Store. Microsoft probably has to give away Windows 8 for free to bribe developers to write Apps for them. Atleast, you might be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for free! Yay!

4. Facial Recognition: Log in to your PC via facial recognition. This is pretty cool, except that you might have to wait for two more generations for Microsoft to perfect it. As we all know, Microsoft doesn’t understand “Do it right the first time!” mantra.

5. Microsoft looks to Apple: Thank god! The geniuses at Microsoft have learnt that they actually have something to learn from Apple. From the slides, it looks like Microsoft is trying to breakdown the “How Apple does it” cycle. GoogleChic, here’s the original Apple imitator. Sound familiar? 😉

Steve Ballmer was right as hell about Windows 8 being the riskiest product bet. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that building an OS based on the broken back bone of registry and file system is not the way to go. Windows 8 will be going head on with Apple’s superior Mac OSX software and PC manufacturers like Acer have the next new challenge to beat – MacBook Air’s revolutionary hardware.

GoogleChic, if I were you, I would be crossing my fingers hoping Microsoft is doing things right this time and hope Acer sells you an Air imitator notebook for less than $1000. Now don’t go on saying that I have a one track Apple mind, unfortunately it’s hard to deviate when it’s the best out there 😀


Windows 8 seems very blah on paper (I think I feel asleep twice reading the slides).

However, if you look at the facts, Windows users makes up the majority of the users in the market. Microsoft must be doing something right to hold the majority of the market 🙂

AppleGirl, maybe Apple should study Microsoft to find out how they can tap into the corporate market. I’m feeling like a broken record again. There’s a whole world out there outside of the Apple bubble. Why not explore the possibilities?

As for Windows 8 features, it looks like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to cloud services. Windows 8 will include this feature as well. Similarly, Google’s Chrome OS will be based purely on  the cloud concept. AppleGirl, I’m sure Chrome OS will shake up the market once it’s released. Chrome OS also boots up like the “instant on” Macbook air 😉

Windows 8 still has a long way to go before its release in 2012. I think once we see some leaked demos it’ll be easier to gauge the level of excitement.

AppleGirl, we know you love your Apple products which you think is the end all be all. But how can you compare your lovely Mac OS X to something that doesn’t exist yet? 🙂

October 22, 2010

Future of computing!


Apple has shifted the memory paradigm from hard drive to Flash, which makes the MacBook Air much faster, slimmer, lighter and efficient. Apple has also killed the optical drive and replaced CD/DVD usage with a slick USB drive. Just like how floppy disks are out of style, Apple is trashing the optical drive for a USB drive. This could be the future of memory storage as we know it. In the future, we might be renting movies on a coin sized flash drive or online instead of DVDs.

With a uni-body enclosure made from a single piece of aluminium on the MacBook Air, Apple sure knows how to re-engineer notebooks. The best of all is the instant on feature. Like on the iPad, you get to access all your data as soon as you turn it on! I’m loving the instant gratification!

Yet again, Apple is trend setting future computing standards while giving us a beautiful efficient piece of hardware unlike other manufacturers, who regurgitate the same 20 year old formula. GoogleChic, should I explicitly point out that your Acer falls in the 20 year old category 🙂 Oh wait, you think Mac Book Air is too expensive compared to your Acer! It’s like saying you would buy a gold ring for $600 at Macy’s, and expect to buy a diamond ring at Tiffany’s for the same price. Pardon me for not comparing apples to apples! 😉


Like I said yesterday, the Macbook air is slick. When it comes to hardware Apple is very innovative with their design and is a trend setter in this area.

However, Apple’s products are on the high end when it comes to pricing. It looks like I hit a nerve yesterday since  AppleGirl is calling my Acer a 20 yr old device.  Hmm that’s very interesting, here’s what may Acer 3820T has

1) It has a Intel Core i3 processor. It’s a better processor as compared to the new Mackbook air which sports only an Intel Core 2 duo.

2) It has a 320 GB hard drive. As compared to the 256 GB flash drive on the 13.3 inch Mackbook air.

3)  It is a 13.3 inch laptop just like the 13.3 inch Macbook air.

4) Just like the Macbook air it doesn’t have an optical drive.

5) It supports a multi gesture track pad just like the Macbook air.

Do you really think all that is 20 yr old technology?  It looks very similar to me 🙂  I’m sorry AppleGirl if I’m not one track mind like you. There are other options out there and why not explore them when you can save $400 (actually more since the Acer is 13.3 inches)?

It’s like buying a loose diamond and getting it set as compared to buying a diamond ring at Tiffany’s. The diamond is of the same color, cut clarity but you’re paying the price for the name 😉

P.S Did you know that Acer and Ferrari go hand in had? Ferrari is know for speed and top of the line product 😉

October 21, 2010

Mac Book meets the iPad!


Apple announced its new Mac OSX Lion along with the new Mac Book Air today. Apple has clearly learnt from its run away success story with the iOS and used it thoughtfully on the new OS.

Max OSX Lion

1. Multi-touch gestures: that you are used to on your iDevices now comes to Mac OSX with a track pad.

2. Mac App Store: Apple brings a new Mac App Store to Lion and Snow Leopard OS. Isn’t it a cool feature? Just like on your iDevices you can install and pull up any App on your Mac. GoogleChic, this is what you should be excited about rather than shelling out $299 to play Angry Birds on your TV 😉

3. LaunchPad: All your Apps are neatly arranged in rows for instant access on the LaunchPad. With LaunchPad, you can organize Apps in pages and folders in exactly the same way as on iOS. Essentially, Launch Pad is like an iOS interface on the Mac.

4. Fullscreen Apps: Just as on the iPad, Mac OSX brings you full screen Apps and you can jump to another full-screen app with the swipe of the track pad.

iLife 11

Apple revamped its multimedia management suite with iLife 11. The updated iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand  brings a new bunch of media editing features along with deeper integration to social networks. I can’t wait to get my hands on this update!


This new toy on your Mac, lets you video chat with anyone on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a Mac. GoogleChic, remember the millions of Facetime devices Steve Jobs promised us in June this year. Looks like he has kept his word. Bring on your army of Android Qiks and maybe fAndroids could learn a lesson or two from Apple about neat integrated software.

MacBook Air

This is the crown jewel of today’s event. Apple unveiled it’s latest super slim notebook, MacBook Air. This stunning piece of hardware is the future of notebooks and best billed as “What if a Mac Book met an iPad?” With prices starting at $999, these Mac Books are available in 11.6 and 13.3 inch displays. The uni-body notebook is 0.68 inches at its thickest point and 0.11 inches at it’s thinnest. Everything you want on laptop, from battery life, multi touch trackpad, memory, high resolution display, facetime camera, connectivity and portability to name a few, all squeezed into a 2.9 pound device. GoogleChic, I hope you are not going to compare anything “Android” with this piece of beauty. That would be trying too hard 😀


Unlike you AppleGirl, I don’t discriminate. I’m able to see pass the brand and give credit where it’s due 🙂

I’ve always said that Apple has very slick products when it comes to their hardware design. What’s interesting is that the new macbook air is still only using an Intel core 2 duo chip, as compared to the newer Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 chips.  Apple claims that the Intel Core 2 duo chip is perfect for a laptop in this class, it brings a perfect blend of battery life and performance. For $1000 I would hope that I have the latest and greatest.

As for Mac OS X Lion, nothing really jumps out at me, I’m just overall unimpressed.

1. I have multi-touch gestures on my Acer and I didn’t pay 1K for it 😉 Not to mention it has a Intel core i3, it’s 3.5 lbs all for around $600.

2. I guess AppleGirl rather pay 1K for the macbook air + $99 for the AppleTV just to play angry birds on her TV (vs $299) (assuming that you can somehow “stream” your apps from your computer using airplay in the future). After all that $$ you still can’t surf on your TV.

As for Facetime, sure it’s a way to connect all the Apple devices but I guess if you have a friend that doesn’t own an Apple product then you’re out of luck. Now if Apple was smart they would make Facetime available on other platforms. Instead, Apple wants to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Until then, I guess y’all can go back to cross platform video chat programs such as google talk.

Wrapping up, yes the macbook air looks very slick, but is it really worth the price tag?

What do you think? Let’s here from you!

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