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December 31, 2011

Samsung mocking and taking cues from Apple?


Apple and Samsung have been at each others throat with regards to patent infringement in various countries trying to get each other’s product banned. Samsung recently has been mocking with its Galaxy S II smart phone ads. The latest in Samsung’s attempts had been to position itself very close to Apple’s iPad. Samsung’s Korean ad imitates Apple’s iPad ad philosophy much too well. Check it out!

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December 27, 2011

Air Play for your Google TV – Airtight


I would assume that most fAndroids have an Android phone which they would use to beam content via DLNA to their TVs. But if you are looking to connect your iPod touch (or any iDevice) to your Google TV, then Airtight does the job. Priced at $0.99, Airtight will enable users to beam movies and pictures from an Apple device to your Google TV. Music & mirroring are not yet supported, but I think this is a pretty handy App for just those Android users who are at the intersection of the Apple & Google eco-systems.


December 18, 2011

Future of TV?


Steve Jobs’ biography has sparked quite a few Apple TV set rumors when the biography revealed that Steve has cracked the problem of creating an effective interactive television. There have been rumors about a Siri controlled Apple TV set. The latest rumors as reported on WSJ indicates that Apple TV will be very reliant on the cloud, allowing users to download or stream movies, TV shows directly to the TV set. Apple is also said to be working on an enhanced version of Airplay which allows the user to start watching video on the TV and continue watching it on their iPad, iPhone. As in Apple TV, the Apple TV Set can also be controlled through iPhone, iPad etc. The best in this series of rumors is that Apple is working on iCloud based DVR service (I hate the set-top box for its unnecessary clunkiness and lack of technology!) 

Every analyst, tech writer, and blogger our there seem to believe that an Apple TV set is in the making. If any of that is true, I’m looking forward to a revolution in TV hardware, software and cable services.

Recently, Sony was in the news for trying to compete with Apple’s expected Apple TV Set. Sony is looking to beam TV content directly to its Sony PS 3’s, TV’s and Blu-Ray players through the web. There are about 18.1 million PS3’s out there, but Sony has failed to use the devices to sell any content (of value) so far, even though the company is aptly placed both with hardware and with manufacturer clout, to make the bold move. But the question is … will Sony be able to sell smaller bundles by undercutting the prices charged by cable companies and will media companies ignore their own biggest customers – cable operators. 

TV isn’t going anywhere and in my opinion it is still in its infancy, but the way it is distributed will change drastically in the coming years. Credit Suisse Analyst has forecasted a 200,000 subscriber loss for the US pay television market in 2012. Young people are growing up in a world where they have access to free content on the internet and with access to portable gadgets with high-speed data, the need of the moment is to access the media content anywhere and at anytime. Will cable companies be able to survive this consumer driven market and still fend off technology giants like Apple?  I don’t think so.

December 18, 2011

Apple’s new Santa ad!


Apple’s new commercial has Siri managing Santa’s 3.7 billion appointments. Check it out. 

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November 20, 2011

Google Music vs. iTunes vs. Amazon MP3


Last week Google announced its iTunes competitor, Google Music, a web-based music store currently only available in the US. It’s interesting to see that Google is trying to play catch up with Apple on many of Apple’s products, while Apple is quietly carving away new products and markets. I am sure GoogleChic won’t like to hear it 🙂 

Here’s my unbiased attempt to spell out the differences between Google Music and iTunes. For a very brief overview scroll down for Huffington’s breakdown on iTunes, Google Music and Amazon MP3 

  • Cost: Google Music provides free storage of 20,000 songs for free while Apple provides free storage for songs bought on iTunes and $24.99 per year for iTunes match – for up to 25,000 songs that you haven’t bought on iTunes.
  • Access:  On Google Music, you can access your music via a web interface.  Using iTunes match on a desktop would require the iTunes. On your iOS devices you have seamless access and I don’t have to say much about Apple’s intuitive interface.
  • Storage space: You get 25,000 song storage on iTunes match while 20,000 on Google Music.
  • Upload:  Each song on Google Music is uploaded manually and would probably suck up a lot of time, while iTunes match “matches” your song with its own digital library and doesn’t really upload the song from your computer saving you some upload time.
  • Quality: Whatever the quality of music you have, iTunes Match gives you the high quality 256 kbps AAC, while Google just stores it in whatever format you have. While legitimizing your ripped songs, Apple is also giving you the best quality audio. 
  • Catalog size: Google Music offers over 13 million songs available for purchase. One missing piece in Google Music is Warner Music Group, third largest record label in the music industry, holding approx 20 percent of the market share. Google is still to finalize deals with Time Warner Music. Apple has agreements with all the four big wigs EMI, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, so obviously you can buy across a wider range of music than Google Music.
  • Social Networking: Google Music is integrated with Google+ and Apple has its own music network called Ping, one of it’s failed products. Google+ allows users to post individual tracks to their Google+ pages where friends get one time free listen of each track. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google+ doesn’t give Google Music the expected edge since Google + hasn’t done much to steal away Facebook’s subscribers.

At the end it comes down to “Will Google beat Apple’s iTunes eco system?” There is a big gaping music hole in the Apple vs. Google war. The only things, in my opinion, that Google has to its advantage is the accessibility and cost, which probably appeals to a wider audience, but there are other forces like Amazon that Google has to beckon with before it starts hurting Apple and the iTunes consumer base Apple has built up over the years. What do you think?


November 16, 2011

Amazon drops Apple TV price to $89 and tags it as 2010 edition


Amazon just dropped the price of Apple TV by $10 selling at $89 with free shipping, matching its brick and mortar competitor Best Buy who are also selling it for $89 with free shipping.What’s interesting is Amazon has named it as the 2010 edition. Is there a new Apple TV on the horizon? Apple TV currently supports 720p widescreen video and features such as Netflix, Flickr, Mobile Me, iTunes movies and TV shows along with Airplay support. Airplay is it’s best and exclusive feature. If you already have an iPad and iPhone at home, buying Apple TV is a no brainer.

There is a lot of potential in Apple’s pet project, like integration with Apps and iCloud, web browsing, and Siri. Let’s hope to see it all materialize in the next release. For now, this is the best deal on Apple TV since Apple products hardly ever go on sale.  


November 1, 2011

iPad 2, iPhone 4 & iPod deals


Walmart is offering free smart covers or a $50 iTunes gift card with the purchase of iPad 2 and Target is offering you a $40 gift card with an iPad 2 purchase along with deals on other iOS devices (see flyer below). Target also has 10 % off the iPod in store via this printable coupon.

Source: 9to5Mac

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October 30, 2011

Free 24 hr live broadcast on Bloomberg TV App


Bloomberg, in a move to differ itself from the competitors, is offering a Bloomberg TV+ App, giving a 24 hour live broadcast subscription free to all iPad owners. Other new agencies such as CNN, reserve the live stream to their subscribers only. Go grab your Bloomberg+ TV App now. 

October 30, 2011

An iPad costume


 As Wired reports, Mark Rober created a costume – a gaping hole in his torso using two iPads. Start Facetime chat between the two iPads and tape one on the front and the back of your torso. Easy as that!  Tell us about your ingenious gadget costume!

October 27, 2011

Create your own App on the iPad using Codify


 An interesting App called Codify has made its arrival to the App Store. The App brings you touch based programming and let’s you create your own Apps on your iPad. If you are a geek like me, you will be super excited about it 😛

Codify lets you create your own programs using the Lua programming language by writing code directly into your iPad. But there is  a catch! Apple recently eased restrictions on Apps which run interpreted languages such as Lua. Although Apple now allows to run the interpreted language in-app, it does not allow the download of such Apps. In other words, if you create an App using Codify, you might not really be able to sell it or share it at the App Store (The developer has submitted the code for sharing your Apps but is not sure if Apple will  allow it). However, I think Codify is a neat tool to make prototypes and test out your idea before you actually jump knee-deep into making a full-fledged iOS app. Codify is now available at the App Store for $7.99. Check it out!


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