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July 13, 2011

New Android Market – Hit or Miss?


Google is soon going to release a new version of the Market for phones running Android 2.2 and above. I have to say that I’m rather shocked that it has the tile look and feel, similar to the Windows 7 phone. I’m sure AppleGirl is having a good laugh at my expense right now since she knows how much I HATE the Windows look and feel. 

The new Market will allow for users to rent movies and download them to view later if a data connection is not available. In addition, you can buy books directly from the Market instead of using a separate app for that. Overall, there are some good new features, but I just don’t like the tile look! Who knows, maybe I’ll get used to i?

Check it out for yourselves.



If you have ever seen the Android Market interface, you know the convoluted look and feel of Android. So Google decides to revamp it. And what do they make it look like? Windows Phone 7. ROFL.  GoogleChic, you were right about me having a good laugh 🙂

Market comes with a lot of top Apps – Top free, Top paid, Trending, Staff picks, Top grossing, Top new paid, Top new free, Editor’s choice – now we know what convoluted means.

GoogleChic can’t you customize Market like everything else on Android? Such a bummer 😛


May 29, 2011

doubleTwist – iTunes and Airplay for Android


Do you dream of iTunes and AirPlay on Android? doubleTwist has just made your life easier by offering support for iTunes sync and AirPlay streaming on Android.doubleTwist App lets you sync your iTunes to your Android phone and stream photos, music and videos to Apple TV and music and videos to DLNA devices.

The doubleTwist Player itself is free, but if you want to use AirPlay there is a price of $4.99 for it, which I’m sure you will gladly pay up after having fought with your DLNA device for months 😉

Albeit, the thing to keep in mind before you jump the gun is that doubleTwist does not support streaming to AirPort Express! doubleTwist brands its Apps as “The Cure for iPhone envy” and “Life without wires”. Aptly so!

The other options are the Twonky Mobile which offers AirPlay and DLNA streaming but no iTunes sync and MediaSync which offers iTunes sync but no AirPlay.


Is doubleTwist really the cure for the iPhone envy? Or rather the solution for people that are trading in their iPhones for an Android? 🙂 

I have to say I came across two iPhone fan boys this week that are ready to throw in the towel and move on over to Android. doubleTwist will sure make their transition easier. I’m sure they’ll be happy to know that for $4.99 they can still stream to their Apple TV from their new phones.

doubleTwist also offers NFC MP3 sharing. Just double tap your phones together and your music can be shared either via Bluetooth or WiFi. Hmm, I wonder when the iPhone will be able to do that!

April 23, 2011

Easter sale at EA! $0.99 Apps for iOS!


Sale stalkers, Electronic Arts has posted many of its iOS premium, top-rated Apps for $0.99. Scrabble, Madden NFL, NBA Jam, Sims, Tetris, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Battlefield, Need For Speed, Monopoly and many more top grossing Apps are on sale. If you are one of those gaming addicts, its time to stock up! Android lovers, don’t get too excited with EA’s misleading promotional banners like the one below. You can save money too, just not as much as iPhone/iPad users. 🙂 Check out the sale at EA.

March 17, 2011

Just for kicks- Androidfy yourself!


 So, I was just browsing for new apps on the Market and I came across Androidfy. For all you Fandroids out there, you can make an Andorid avatar of yourself.  You can stretch or shrink  the little green robot, accessorize it with an outfit and even put a hairdo of your choice!Here’s the masterpiece I put together depicting myself and AppleGirl 😉


 Now Google is making you into a cartoon robot.  Would you want to use it as your Facebook or Twitter profile picture! I don’t think so. Wonder why I’m wearing that pink flower?? 🙂

March 1, 2011



It’s that dreaded time of year again to file your taxes.

TurboTax has released a SnapTax application to help you expedite this process 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I hate reading those numbers from the W2 form and keying it into the app. You can now take a picture with your phone and it’ll automatically fill out the form for you. All you have to do is verify that the information is correct!

The best part of it is you can even file from your phone, well at least for people who have easy returns. The app is free, but to file it’ll cost you $14.99 which isn’t a bad deal at all.


Tax returns can’t get easier than SnapTax. IRS released an App called IRSToGo for tax payers too and it does almost nothing!

IRSToGo lets you check your federal tax refund status, subscribe to tax updates to help you with your tax planning and preparation and lets you sign up to follow the IRS Twitter feed.

Really, is that all IRS could put into an App? Do we need another useless App? Ouch I forgot that we paid for it! 🙂

February 4, 2011

Android Market – web store


Google hosted a Honeycomb event today. One thing that they introduced during this event was the web version of the Android Market. You can now browse for apps, pay for them and install all from your laptop!

Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about this when I was watching the event until I tried it! Just go to sign in and download to your hearts content! It’s pretty cool, AppleGirl jealous?

Check out the details below.

Hit install on the app, and you’ll be prompted that the app will download    shortly on your phone.

In my case, almost instantly. I wasn’t fast enough to get a shot of the app downloading 😉 (can’t complain about it being fast right?)

After the app is installed, it’ll show as INSTALLED on the web Android Market.



Finally Google got around to copying Apple. Yes, GoogleChic, we already had access to our iApps on our computers (On iTunes, we can surf the App Store, although we cannot select and download an App to the iPhone)

Google harnessing its cloud power is definitely not a game changer. Let’s hope this helps Android cover the gap (350K – 150K Apps) to beat Apple in the App business. More importantly, with the extended exposure, Android web store should be an added incentive for developers to create Apps for Android (vs. creating an App for Apple).

January 23, 2011

Angry Birds – Valentines Edition!


I don’t get why everyone is so crazy about Angry Birds! There was a Halloween edition, a Christmas edition and now (surprise, surprise!) a Valentine’s edition. In fact if you are left home alone without a date it would actually make sense to spend on the new edition to drown all your sorrows! 🙂 While you are at it you might as well splurge on the plush angry bird cuddlies and T-Shirts!


Angry birds is super addicting and not to mention fun!

Here’s another one for you, it’s called Fruit Ninja. It’s not as cute as those angry birds, but it sure gave me a good laugh. Fruit Ninja is available on both the iPhone and Android.

January 17, 2011

Just for kicks! An iPhone controlled BeerBot!


Too lazy to get off the couch and get your beer? You are not alone! Virginia Tech grads have built an iPhone controlled mini fridge that will shoot cans of beer across the room. Doesn’t that sound ingenious? NOT! 🙂


The beer cannon is pretty cool, but they could have finished a keg by the time they finished building it 😉

Check out the power of Android, it can do much more than launch beer. Hey, at least it’s doing something productive.

December 19, 2010

How to fake it on your phone!


It looks like my fake manually set your location comment the other day about Latitude sparked some interest. So here are some quick instructions.

1) Open the Latitude application on your phone

2) Click Menu-> Privacy->Set your location

3) You now have the option to choose your location from the following

  • My current location
  • Enter an address
  • Contacts
  • Point on map


If you are one of those “faking” types, then here are a bunch of Apps which let you fake other things on your phone. You will find them handy when you want to bail out on your girlfriend/boyfriend or get out of a work meeting.

Fake-A-Call Free and Fake ‘Em Out Lite are free Apps that do the basic fake calling pretty well. They let you set up a caller name and set up a time when you want the call. Your phone starts ringing and you can answer it like any regular phone call and quickly slip out of the room.

Fake-A-Call ($0.99) not only does fake calling and fake texting but also helps you fake a conversation by playing out a scripted dialogue from a boss, a friend or whoever is supposed to be calling you. It also dictates lines for you to repeat so you don’t find yourself mumbling nonsense and messing up your fake call 😉

Fake It Free features fake background sounds for you to excuse yourself out of a call. So you could pretend to be in a busy subway when you are actually chilling at home drinking a beer 😉

There’s also a free Fake-A-Location App which lets you pin point a location on the map and send a GPS location update via email and SMS to anyone. However that someone you are sending it to might be stalking you on Latitude, and that’s when GoogleChic’s Latitude 101 cheat sheet might come in handy! 🙂

Most of these Apps are also available on Android and Blackberry, so you can fake it on any of these platforms.

Fake ‘Em Out Lite Screenshots

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