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August 27, 2010

iMobile vs Android Car


GoogleChic, how do you like the sound of GM + Google? Do I see you squirming at the sound of it? 🙂  There are rumors flying around that GM is teaming up with Google to use Android as the in-car computer system. I can imagine your sweet Samsung Galaxy S Tab stuck on the backseat of a giant a$$ truck!

Now imagine a super classy Mercedes fitted with the best of the iGadgets. Brabus has turned the dream car into reality by converting a Mercedes S600 into an Apple Mobile. Two iPads on the rear seats, controlling the car’s multimedia and command system, an iPod touch, three displays and a Mac mini among other iDevices is part of the iBusiness package.  Not to mention that the car sprints from 0 to 62 mph in 4 sec. GM, beat that!

Isn’t this a “gizmocar dream” come true?  Someone pinch me! 😀


AppleGirl is right about one thing, I am squirming at the sound of GM + Google because I would never buy a GM no matter how cool the Android features could potentially be. Moving past the whole GM car ordeal, being able to potentially use your phone to lock/unlock, start/stop your car is pretty nifty!

Personally, if I was going to Brabus to sup up my Mercedes, I would just ask for the car to be fitted with Android devices. For the amount money that you’ll be spending I”m pretty sure they don’t have a problem throwing in the devices of your choice 😉

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