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November 19, 2010

Upscale Android phones


Designers are jumping on the Apple bandwagon and making iPad cases.

Looks like designers are jumping on the Android bandwagon as well. Giorgio Armani is partnering with Samsung to release the Galaxy S (it looks like the AT&T version, the Captivate). For €700 you’ll get extra multimedia software preloaded to the phone.

Acer and Ferrari is also partnering up to release an Android phone. No details just yet but only 200,000 units will be produced. The phone will also be preloaded with software from the racing team. Hey all you Formula 1 fans, are you drooling over this phone yet?


Look! Apple has an upscale phone that anyone can get their hands on! It’s super sleek, classy and is the best out there. If you don’t like the vanilla iPhone 4 looks then you could customize it with the multitudes of iPhone skins that are available in the market. I can almost certainly guarantee you that you can get a wider variety of cases or skins for the iPhone as compared to any of the Android phones. So why not pimp it up the way you like it 😀

You won’t be missing much of the custom Giorgio Armani or Ferrari apps, because the App Store has more than 250,000 apps (much more than Android Market), which means you can find any kind of App you wish!

For those uninitiated in creativity, here’s a luxury designer iPhone with a bejeweled look! Designer Stuart Hughes’s Diamond Rose iPhone 4 costs a whopping $8 million and is the most expensive iPhone 4 in the world. It doesn’t come with a “I am rich” app, but hey with a phone like this, who needs a pre-loaded designer app? 😉

November 16, 2010

Nexus S


Just a couple of weeks back, AppleGirl was saying how NFC technology will lead us out of the technological stone-age and that Apple will lead the way.

Well eat your heart out AppleGirl, Eric Schmidt announced today at the Web 2.0 summit that the Nexus S (Google’s 2nd phone) will have NFC technology. Not only that, Schmidt announced that Gingerbread (Android 2.3) will be released in the next couple of weeks.

Check out the pics of the Nexus S. The phone looks super sleek and thin! I guess I know what my Christmas present will be 😉

P.S The Nexus S is produced by Samsung, of course not officially announced.

source: engadget


GoogleChic, I am certainly interested in the concept of NFC but not psyched about the fact that it is tied with Google. With all the user privacy debacles that Google has been having recently, I would be scared to use the phone as a credit card. You would not want a Google employee vacationing in the Bahamas using your credit card information, would you? 🙂

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have joined hands to form a national payment network, called Isis which is expected to roll out in the next 18 months. It’s essentially a mobile commerce network which will create a more convenient shopping experience for customers. Other phone manufacturers like Blackberry and Nokia are getting ready to jump with both feet into the NFC puddle as well.

GoogleChic, you might be able to get NFC on your phone this Christmas, but I doubt you would use it much until next year, when iPhone 5 is expected to be launched.  Doing things at the right time in the right way is important for a business and that’s what Apple does best 😀

November 14, 2010

Want Netflix on your Android?


Sorry fAndroids .. you can’t get your hands on a Netflix App for some time or at least until Netflix figures out how to keep its media secure on Android. However, if you had an iPhone (or even a Windows Phone 7)  you wouldn’t be crying about being deprived of Netflix on your phone!

Netflix says that “the lack of a generic platform and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available on Android” has prevented it from providing Netflix content on Android. Basically, it is saying that Android does not help keep the media secure and that Hollywood will hold Netflix to its neck if users are able to rip, convert and save movies illegally!

GoogleChic, I don’t want to say that “Steve told you so” 🙂 but hasn’t he been saying all along that Android is too fragmented for mobile developers to develop their applications.  And this might just be the next avalanche that Google will have to tackle!


With Android being an open source system, I would think there are more options for Netflix. I’m not a security or DRM (technology utilized to protect copyright material) expert, but can’t Netflix bake the security into their app?

Discretix offers a Multi-Scheme DRM client to protect copyright materials. In fact Sony utilizes Discretix’s DRM client “protect distribution and consumption of multimedia content” for its PlayNow services”.

Maybe I’m naive, but it seems possible that with enough development Netflix can offer an application that can be utilized on all Android devices.

What do you think?

November 2, 2010

T-mobile Comet, super affordable device!


This is why I LOVE Android. There’s a device out there for everyone! T-mobile is releasing the Comet (Huawei Ideos) on November 3rd, all for a whopping price of $9.99 (yes you read that right) with a 2 year contract of course. In addition, they are offering a 200MB data plan for $10.

The Comet sports a 2.8 inch screen and a Qualcomm 528 MHz processor. It supports a 7.2 Mbps HSPA connection and runs Android 2.2 (Froyo). I’ll also throw this one in there just for AppleGirl’s sake. The Comet comes with Swype already pre-loaded 🙂 (we all know how AppleGirl likes Swype). Honestly, for a phone with this screen size, Swype can be really useful.

Overall, not too shabby for a $9.99 phone and a data plan that will run you $10/month. This is a perfect phone for people that would not typically choose a smart phone. Think about it, you’ll have the power of Android at your finger tips. What’s not to love?

Source: engadget


Finally a ($9.99) hardware that Android deserves 😉 Looks like Huawei/T-Mobile were just hit with an awesome idea. Accept defeat against the iPhone and go after the lower end market (dominated by Nokia)!

New smart phone users will be wooed by Comet’s price, but I’m sure the rookies will soon learn that there are better and smarter phones out there and that’s when they meet the iPhone 😀

Jokes aside, the best part of TMobile’s announcement is the cheaper data plan. Looks like the dam is cracking and the price of data is coming down. Woot! Let’s celebrate 😀

October 27, 2010

Google Nexus Two Alert!


Sound the alarm! I’m in heaven!! My jaw just dropped to the floor 🙂

Alright now that I’m not in shock anymore, several different sources reported today that a 2nd Google phone (yes AppleGirl 2nd!) will be releasing in time from Christmas.

Not only will there be a 2nd phone, but it is suppose to come with Gingerbread (Android 3.0). It looks like it’ll be an awesome Christmas after all 🙂

By the way, Google has decided not to release the phones via major carriers but instead selected Carphone Warehouse. Let’s see how the release plays out in the US, but there’s nothing AppleGirl can say right now. I’m on cloud 9!

Source: Android Central



GoogleChic, this rumor contradicts Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s comment earlier this year that Google will not launch a Nexus One brother. Apparently, according to Schmidt, the idea behind releasing Nexus One was to push the Android platform and that a second Nexus was unnecessary. He also claimed that the decision not to launch a Nexus Two was a victory and not a setback.

Now, with the Nexus Two rumors, I am sort of confused about what he meant. Does releasing a Nexus One successor indicate that Android is not a success as Google thought it was? Ouch. So much for all that hype about Android activation numbers. Or was Schmidt taking a nap when they decided to make a Nexus Two?

Either way should I also remind you that Google accepted defeat and discontinued selling the Nexus One from its website earlier this year. If the Nexus Two is real, looks like Google has learnt from its blunder and decided to unload the phone on a third party phone retailer in UK (No news of when it’s coming to US!)

Given Google’s “Two failures before I give up” strategy (Remember Orkut and Buzz in the social networking scene), I wouldn’t be surprised if Nexus Two is scrapped soon after its released. GoogleChic, hold on! The drop from cloud 9 might hurt! 😉

October 10, 2010

Enterprises love Apple!


RIM is getting some stiff competition from Apple these days. RIM’s Playbook needs to play catch up and gather some enterprise customers before they all go for the iPad. A mobile activation report by Good Technology for May to September 2010 shows that Apple iOS devices, garnered upto 50% of the net new activations while Android, even with a huge army of devices is lagging at 30% of the net new activations.

It just makes sense to combine both form and function into one device. If you own an iPhone as a personal device, why would you want a lug around a Blackberry or Android, when you can do the same work calls and email on the iPhone.

Recently iPads have been spotted on high profile movie sets such as the Transformers, in the hands of a Saudi Arabian king and they just turned Government worthy as well. iPads are now at work in the Canadian Government and the German Parliament as a paper replacement strategy.  GoogleChic, let’s hear all the important faces and places that Android has seen! Or are you going to say its only the geek boys and girls who use Android devices? 😉


AppleGirl, I’m confused.  You think that RIM needs to play catch up and gather enterprise customers, but how do you know they’re not doing that? It is pretty interesting that  Good Technology is reporting that Apple iOS devices is the most used amongst enterprise customers yet RIM is not included in the study. Since RIM is notoriously known for its support of enterprise customers I say you can throw that study out the window; it’s only a little skewed 😉

Check out the report that the Nielsen Company released several days ago. In the overall market (not just Enterprise), Android devices are leading the race.

As for Android devices being spotted, it’s been spotted on Top Chef, Project Runway, Entourage, Lie to Me just to name a few. Most importantly, the US Army is looking into using Android devices for solders in the field. What’s interesting is that Android pretty much clean sweep the Army’s “App for Army” competition with 10 Android winning apps out of the 15 that were chosen.

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