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May 15, 2011

Google ChromeBook vs. iPad


Google has officially announced the ChromeBook, with partners – Samsung and Acer. ChromeBook is dual core with 11 to 12 inch display and limited on board storage of 16 GB. Here’s my breakdown on why you should buy an iPad instead of a ChromeBook.

1. ChromeBook boots up in seconds, but so does the iPad (and new MacBook Air too!)

2. On the ChromeBook, your apps, games, photos music, movies are in the cloud and are accessible wherever you go. The same with the iPad. In fact, on the iPad you can do many of the above without an Internet connection.

3. ChromeBook has a long battery life. iPad has a battery life of 10hours. 

4. You can have an optional 3G connection on ChromeBook. That’s not a biggie. iPad has been doing it from day one.

5. The ChromeBook looks and feels like a laptop except that it is lighter than a laptop. The iPad is a portable tablet which does all and more than the ChromeBook. 

6. The ChromeBook will be priced around $350 to $500. The iPad is thinner, lighter, faster and  starts at $499. 

7. The one thing I do like about the ChromeBook is the monthly subscription plan of $20 for students and $28 for business users.  Let’s see how that fares in the market.

8. I like the hardware on GoogleChic’s beta edition Chrome, and of course its not as as slick as the iPad 🙂

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Comparing an iPad and a Google ChromeBook is like comparing apples to oranges. They’re nothing a like.

The idea behind the ChromeBooks is cloud computing. It is about the ability to pick up any ChromeBook device and within a matter of seconds being able to log on and have everything already configured to your liking. Unlike the iPad, there’s no need to sync your device to the cloud in order to pull down you music or movies. 

In this week’s episode of GPS with Fareed Zakria, Eric Schmidt talks about could computing. Schmidt makes a really good point “as an experiment, turn off all your devices and disconnect from your internet for 6 or 7 hours, you’ll realize how dependent you’ve become on it.” So to AppleGirl’s point, yes there are things that the iPad can do offline but eventually most of what we do these days depends on internet connectivity.

Bottom line, there are pros and cons with both the iPad and a ChromeBook device. It ultimately is dependent on what experience the user is seeking. Personally, I would prefer a Android tablet device. However, if I’m on the go and traveling I’m not going to complain if there is a ChromeBook for me to log onto 🙂

Check out Eric Schmidt’s interview via this link. Forward to 02:37 for info about cloud computing.

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February 18, 2011

Chrome OS – CR-48


Finally, two months later after receiving the Cr-48 laptop (thanks Google!) and dragging it half way around the world we’re now blogging about it.

The Cr-48 laptop is the first Chrome OS laptop that Google gave away as part of a pilot program to get Chrome OS circulated and feedback from testers.

Overall, for a free laptop it’s not bad. The hardware is actually pretty slick. It looks like a black matted finish Mackbook. Instead of a glossy display, it has a 12 inch matted screen. The mousepad is actually a clickpad which took me sometime to get use to. It also sports a webcam and the quality is decent.

The boot up time is lightning speed, it takes about 20 sec max. If it’s in hibernation mode it’s instant on.  Otherwise, there’s not much to the software. If you’ve used Chrome, you’ve used Chrome OS. Everything is cloud based so if you live on Gmail, Gtalk, Picasa, and all you do is surf the web, then this is the laptop for you!

Honestly, I have to admit, I see the uses for Chrome OS but there’s also quite a bit of limitation. If I have to VPN into work, or print a Word document (which is pretty rare, but it happens) I find myself reaching for the Windows laptop. Also, youtube videos on Chrome OS can be pretty choppy. Adobe is working on Flash 10.1 for Chrome OS which should resolve the issue. One last caveat is that without internet connection the laptop is pretty much useless. I hauled the laptop half way across the world, had a 9 hour layover, but didn’t have internet access so I felt like I was hauling a brick 🙂

All things considered, it’s not a bad concept. After using it for two months, I can get by with my day to day surfing and blogging on this laptop. However, if I had to pay for a Chrome OS laptop, I would probably choose a Android tablet over the Chrome OS.

P.S Keep in mind, the CR-48 laptop is a testing laptop. I’m sure by the time the Chrome OS laptop releases mid 2011 it’ll be much more powerful than this one. Although there’s not been much


The Cr 48 is Google’s first attempt at designing an operating system. I think Google Chrome is the best browser out there and the Cr 48 capitalizes on just that, but falls short as a laptop replacement!

If everything is cloud based then I’m wondering what (as GoogleChic puts it :)) “brick” Google wired up inside the laptop. Because I would rather have an iPad or any tablet to perform the same functions and much more (consider the thousands of Apps you get on an iPad or an Android tablet). Think about dragging around a 2.8 pound device when you could have been carrying a 1.5 pound iPad or even a 2.3 pound Macbook Air at the very least.

Despite its size, weight and usage shortcomings, I like the matte finish, the keyboard and track pad that it comes with. But as GoogleChic mentioned, Cr 48  is still a Pilot program so let’s give it the benefit of doubt.

Apart from browsing the web and using Google freebie software (Google Docs etc), you can hop on to theChrome Web Store to download Apps (like App Store or Android Market).

Here are the specs for you tech geeks:
  • 12.1 inch screen
  • Oversized trackpad
  • Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip for Verizon data in the US, your carrier of choice internationally
  • 802.11n dual-band WiFi.
  • 8+ hours of active use with 8+ hours of standby
  • Flash Storage

If you are a hacker, this should interest you! Google recently announced a $20,000 prize offer for cracking into Cr 48.

Want to be the first to know when its released? Go ahead register with Google! And if you are one of those lucky ones like GoogleChic here, you will wake up with 100 spam emails from Google 🙂

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