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January 29, 2011

Google Voice is ready to port your number!


AppleGirl is going to have a field day with this one. You now have the option to port over your cell phone number to Google Voice. What does this mean? You can use your existing cell phone number as your Google Voice number instead of having a new number assigned.

The only caveat is that by porting your number to Google Voice it would cancel your cell phone plan. So, in other words, you won’t be able to use your cell phone! Once the number is ported over, you’ll have to request your cell provider to set up a new number just so you can receive calls. Confused yet?

Thanks but no thanks Google!


It’s funny that I’m on Google’s side this time 🙂 I like that we can port over our numbers and a single service will maintain all our calling needs. However, there are some drawbacks with porting your number to GV (especially if you are an iPhone user)!

If you are new to Google Voice, GV is a layer of services over your regular cell phone or landline. It lets you block/screen callers, route your calls, make free VoIP calls from your computer, and even send text messages from your computer. So if you don’t already have a GV account, you should go get it (Did I mention that it is free?)

Here are some things to help you decide if you want to port your number to GV.

1. If you would like to use GV services and are really really keen on keeping the contact number (say your business depends on it), then it makes sense to port the number right away.

2. Remember that it comes with a $20 fee and possible termination fees from your operator. The best time to port your number would be when your contract with your mobile operator has ended. You can just port over that number to GV and get a brand new number for your cell phone.

3. You cannot MMS with your GV number. So if you are an MMS addict, this is probably important to you.

4. No more FaceTime on iPhone if someone called the GV number and GV forwards the call to your iPhone. Although you can still Facetime using your bare phone number.

The point is that number porting is not for everyone. But I’m sure it would be extremely beneficial to those who are going to use it.

On a side note, GoogleChic, I hate the fact that Google will now have more private user information to mess up with. We know it’s happened before 🙂

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