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December 8, 2012

Apple and Google joining forces!


Finally GoogleChic and I are going to agree on something. Apple and Google have teamed up on a $500 million bid to acquire Kodak’s patent portfolio. The two companies are aiming to buy Kodak’s 1100 imaging patents out of bankruptcy as reported by Bloomberg.

Initially, according to reports, Apple and Google were leading separate consortiums bidding for Kodak’s patents – Apple with Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures and Google with its mobile hardware buddies Samsung, LG and HTC. It seems like Apple and Google may have learnt their lesson after their head on fight for Nortel patents last year (Google lost after offering $900 million while Apple, RIM and Microsoft shelled out a chunky $4.5 billion dollars).

The patents that Kodak is selling as part of its bankruptcy proceedings, relate to capture, manipulation and sharing of digital images. In the future, the company plans to focus on printing and enterprise services and less on photography. Kodak claims that the patents may be worth more – $2.2 billion to $2.5 billion and Kodak has made more than $3 billion in revenue by licensing its patents to companies like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Google, Nokia among others. The two behemoths, Apple and Google may be getting the best deal now that they are not competing with each other.


February 8, 2012

Super Bowl Ads 2012


Here’s a roundup of Android/Apple commercials from this year’s Super Bowl. Samsung took a jab at Apple with its new Samsung Note. In short the Note is a giant phone that meets a tablet with a stylus. As Steve Jobs said ” If you see a stylus, they blew it”.

Then there was the Motorola Droid RAZR ad – featuring new colors on the phone ?!

There was Suzie (Siri) in the Doritos ad. Make Siri mad and she will pull out her metal tentacles to get to the chips 🙂

Super Bowl time reminds me of Apple’s 1984 iconic commercial, check it out if you haven’t already.

Super Bowl 2012: Samsung Note

Super Bowl 2012: Motorola Droid RAZR

Super Bowl 2012: Doritos

Super Bowl 1984: Apple Macintosh

Source: MacRumors, HuffingtonPost, Engadget

January 28, 2012

Apple’s Best Quarter yet!


This week Apple announced its best quarter in the history of the company. The fourth calendar quarter of 2011 showed a $46.33 billion dollar revenue and net quarterly profit of $13.06 billion. Gross margin was 44.7 percent compared to 38.5 percent a year ago and international sales accounted for 58 percent of the quarter’s revenue. Apple single-handedly erased  a drop in S&P’s 500 Index earning for the December quarter turning a 4.2 percent decline to a 4.4 percent gain.

To put it in perspective, for the same quarter, Samsung posted $42 billion in sales and a $4.7 billion operating profit – Samsung mobile contributed to 40 percent of the company sales. Again for the same quarter, Motorola reported a net revenue of $3.4 Billion and a net loss of $80 Million (Google acquired Motorola Mobility last year for $12.5 Billion in cash! Ouch!)

August 24, 2011

Google acquires Motorola Mobility


Last week, Google acquired Motorola Mobility division for $12.5 billion or $40 per share (when Motorola shares were going at $28). Recently Google has been crying about losing out on the Nortel patent auction to Microsoft and Apple, who won the patents for $4.5 billion and raised the barrier to entry into the mobile market.

With Apple and Microsoft already suing Android phone manufacturers already, the Google’s Nortel patent loss is a harbinger of only more suing to ensue. Google had to do something to combat this and made a gutsy move to invest $12.5 billion in cash to buy Motorola Mobility.

The Motorola acquisition brings with it 19,000 employees, revenue of $11 billion and assets of $6 billion. More importantly, Google now owns 17,000 patents and an additional $7,500 filed patent applications.

Maybe Google will learn how to integrate a certain hardware with its Android software and copy Apple’s path to success 😛 Maybe Google will only cling on to Motorola software engineering and not the hardware branch. It’s also possible that other Android hardware manufacturers feel alienated with Google now owning a hardware division.

In any case, S&P has downgraded Google believing the purchase to be a bad move for Google. A lot of speculation, I would hate it if Apple lost a competitor! 😛


It’s a gutsy move by Google for sure to acquire a hardware company but I think it’s a smart move! Forget S&P’s downgrade of Google. With the moves they’re making these days Moody seems more reliable to me 🙂

One thing that I’ve always said about Apple products is that their hardware is slick. Hopefully, Google can now get innovative and come up with slick designs to give Apple a run for their money!

I do have to agree with AppleGirl on one point ;P. A smart move that Google made by acquiring Motorola is that Google acquired all of Motorola’s patents which I’m sure will be useful in the future.

As for all the other manufacturers out there currently producing Android devices, I think this will be good motivation for them to step up their game. Personally, I think Samsung doesn’t need the motivation since they have some of the best devices out there like the Samsung Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy S II 🙂




March 4, 2011

iPad 2 battles Motorola Xoom


If you are deciding between an iPad 2 vs a Xoom, here are some points you should consider before jumping the gun

1. Aesthetics

iPad 2 wins the aesthetics battle against the Motorola Xoom. The super sleek iPad is 33% thinner than the first generation iPad, thinner than the iPhone 4, thinner and lighter than Motorola Xoom.

2. iOS

iPad has been out for more than a year and has been tested, optimized and improved through its life. Android’s Honeycomb, on the other hand, was just recently released with the Xoom. I would expect a lot of pitfalls with the OS.

3. App Store

Steve Jobs pointed out that Apple has 65000+ Apps specifically designed to run on the iPad while Android has somewhere around a 100 Apps. Let’s not even start comparing here 🙂

4. Price

Another winning point for Apple. The iPad 2 prices start at $499 for the bare bones 16GB iPad 2 with Wifi only. Compare it with $599 Xoom.

5. Verizon and AT&T

iPad 2 supports both AT&T (GSM) and Verizon (CDMA) while Xoom only supports Verizon. So if you are one of those road warriors hooked onto your 3G data plan with AT&T, buying an iPad2 is a no brainer.



I think Steve Jobs announcing the iPad 2 was bigger news than the iPad 2 itself.

1. Aesthetics

I’ll give Apple this, in terms of hardware the iPad 2 will be the thinest tablet out there. However, there’s a bigger display on the Motorola Xoom, 10.1 inch with a 1280 x  800 resolution versus the same old 9.7 inch and 1024 X 768 resolution. Honestly, that Apple didn’t improve the resolution. Apple, wheres’ the retina (ISP) display?!

2. OS

iOS “has been tested, optimized and improved”, wow that sure sounds like fluff to me.  Here’s the fluff that iOS 4.3 will be offering

  • Safari performance – utilizes Nitro engine to increase its performance
  • iTunes home sharing – stream content over WiFi
  • Airplay improvements – allows 3rd party apps to stream content
  • Preference for iPad switch – choose from rotation lock switch or mute switch
  • Personal hotspot –  turn your 3G connection into a personal, hotspot iPhone 4 only.

Here’s what the totally redsigned Honeycomb – Android 3.0 will offer

  • UI – new UI with a holographic theme, improved home screen customization, widgets, and notifications that has been integrated into a 3D experience (yes, 3D support!)
  • Browser – Tabbing is now supported. A new feature “incognito mode” will let you browse without this history being record 😉 (I’m  just saying)
  • Gmail – will be displayed in two columns including an action bar
  • Visual multi-tasking – provides a image of the last view state when switching between programs
  • Multiselect mode – ability to select multiple items

Bottom line, iOS is still lacking desktop space and widgets. Guess all of us Android fans will be able to read our Gmail and Facebook updates with out having to click a button!

3. App Store

Yes, let’s not start comparing. The apps available on Android Market is continuously growing. We have everything that matters!

4. Price

Okay, iPad 2 will wins here, the Xoom does cost more.  Hopefully they’ll slash a $100 off of that and we’ll be about even.

Update – Hmm, the WiFi only Xoom maybe offered for $539 at Sams. If this is true that’s pretty competitive pricing.

5. Verizon and AT&T

Hey, it’s a matter of time before the Xoom is offered on either T-mobile or AT&T. There is a GSM model available, just not in the US.

Check out the comparison below and let us know which one you would choose!

source: engadget, androidcommunity

February 23, 2011

Xooming to the Oscars


On Sunday, the hosts and nominees will be opening more than the winner’s envelope. They will be opening a nice black leather Motorola envelope with a gold Xoom inside 🙂

At $599 a pop on a two year contract, this is a nice perk of being rich and famous.


The rich and famous would have preferred an iPad 2 (Steve Jobs is rumored to launch the iPad 2 on March 2) instead of a Xoom (gold or not!) 🙂

If you are an Oscar lover with an iOS device, here’s an App that will give you the insider look to the 83rd annual Academy Awards. The Oscar Backstage Pass is created by Academy and ABC for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the days leading up to the Oscars, the App will give you access to interviews and key Oscar moments from the past.

If you are like me, you will love the red carpet action on the App.  You can access multiple live streams of celebrity arrivals and switch cameras and camera angles. And of course, you also get the back stage action along with post awards interviews and even the Governor’s ball after the show.

My only complaint with the App is that it costs $0.99. Academy wants to keep the Oscars exclusive while making money off of it. A free App would have sky rocketed their viewer-ship. Don’t you think?

Vodpod videos no longer available.
February 1, 2011

1984…XOOM into the future with Motorola


Check out the super bowl teaser for the Motorola XOOM. The XOOM will be the 1st 10.1 inch tablet running Honeycomb (Android 3.0). It also sports a 1GHz dual core processor and supports 1080p video playback, pretty sweet huh? Well what’s even sweeter is Motorola’s teaser taking a jab at Apple 😉

“It is time to live a free life”! If this is the teaser I wonder what will happen on super bowl day! AppleGirl and I are getting together not to watch the game but the ads 😉

More about the Motorola XOOM


GoogleChic, I hope you have considered the fact that Motorola Xoom will be competing with iPad 2 (rumored to be released in the next few months). The new iPad is expected to have a dual core, a better display with front and back cameras. The choice between the two OS’s is obvious.  I would rather buy a well tested, aged and tablet optimized software (iOS) than an OS that is not even commercially released.

As for the ad, GoogleChic, there have been a lot of Android phones and tablets (the very few that are out there) that said the same thing about Apple. They haven’t  budged Apple from being the top dog 🙂

While we are talking about 1984, check out Apple’s 1984 ad!

January 22, 2011

Motorola Atrix 4G


AppleGirl, I’m jumping ship and coming over to the dark side! No, I’m not getting an iPhone 😉 just ditching T-mobile and coming over to AT&T.

No, I’m not ecstatic about paying an arm and a leg for my cell phone bill but I’m drooling over the Motorola Atrix 4G! The Atrix 4G was announced at the 2011 CES and it was hands down the best phone there.

Where do I even begin? Let’s say FINALLY, AT&T is getting a worthy Android  device to talk about. I even have to say, Motorola outdid Google with this phone! Okay, enough fluffy here are the specs for you hardcore Android fans.

  • Dual core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor with GeForce GPU (this means 2GHz of processing power!)
  • 4″ QHD display (540 x 960 resolution)
  • Fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone!
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 GB of on board storage
  • 1930 mAHh battery, allows for 9 hours of talk time
  • Front facing camera and a 5 mega pixel rear camera with 720p recording (wish it was a 8 mega pixel camera)

Are you sold yet? This is a powerful little bugger. No wonder Motorola came out with a laptop dock accessory. Essentially, you can dock you phone and use it as a laptop device via Firefox. Hmm, doesn’t that sound like Chrome OS. On a side note, the Motorola laptop dock seems much more powerful than the Chrome OS device (at least compared to the CR-45, more to come on this). Again, Google why didn’t you think of this!

Any iPhone fanboys ready to jump ship yet?

Source: androidandme


GoogleChic, I’m glad you found a worthy phone after a long long wait (since the iPhone launched? :)). Here are a few things about the phone that I find worth commenting!

I like that the phone comes with a dual core processor and that it is trying to catch up with the iPhone 4’s retina display (not yet there :P).

The ability to dock the phone and use it as a computing device is neat. It can also be used  as a media storage device that can be hooked up to your TV  (Ahem! Airplay does it in a less cumbersome way and its free!). I’m not sure how far these features would fly because remember that all the extra perks comes with a cost. GoogleChic, would you buy all the docking stations with the phone?

The 4G in the Motorola Atrix 4G is actually HSPA+ and not LTE.. so beware! You might also want to check if your area has the AT&T HSPA+ network services. Without HSPA+ connection and the docking stations, you will probably only be paying for the dual core processor.

With the future of computing being cloud, I’m sure the expandable memory slots and docking stations will soon be discarded as a wasted effort. GoogleChic, all I am saying is don’t jump ship just because the phone has a finger print scanner or because it has an expandable memory slot or because it could replace your Google Chrome 🙂 I hate to say that you will probably never find the phone worth the arm and leg that you would have paid for it.

Update: Motorola shows off with a new ad


December 25, 2010

iPad is a giant iPhone?


GoogleChic, you are going to love this Motorola tablet evolution ad 😀 It is the same Motorola tablet which Andy Rubin had showed off during the Honey Comb preview. Motorola terms the iPad as “It’s like a giant iPhone, but… it’s like a giant iPhone”. Motorola can’t even get its jabs right. iPad is more like a giant iPod Touch than a giant iPhone 😉

Motorola labels the Samsung Galaxy Tab as “Android OS, but Android OS…for a phone”. Ouch, now you can’t even trust a fellow Android user to watch your back?

Isn’t Honeycomb just an optimized version of Android phone OS 🙂 Pretty much like iOS for iPad?

Not only does Motorola come late into the market (to be released at CES Jan 2011), but it  made the stupid mistake of comparing its tablet to the first gen iPad. Motorola is yet to realize that it will actually be competing with iPad  2 (rumored to be released early next year).


Based on Andy Rubin’s preview of the Motorola tablet Honeycomb looked awesome! I would say it’s a overhaul of the Android OS and not an optimized version of it 🙂

I wonder how pissed Samsung is about this ad. Motorola took a direct jab at Samsung with their “Android OS, but Android OS for a phone”. Ouch, first off Samsung Tab is a 7 inch tablet which is why it’s able to utilizes Android 2.2 (Froyo) and it works well. The Motorola tab is a 10 inch tablet so it definitely needs Honeycomb which will handle the larger resolution.

As for the iPhone comment, it looks like Motorola is implying that their tablet will have more features as compared to the Droid X for example. Come on Motorola, stop teasing us and release the specs already!

October 30, 2010

Best Rugged Phone

If you’re in the market for a rugged phone, you’ll be interested in the Motorola Defy releasing on November 3rd for $99 on T-Mobile. The Defy is built to “defy” the elements so it’s water resistant, dust proof and scratch resistant.

It’s an Android device running 2.1 (Eclair) and since it’s a Motorola device it sports Motoblur as an overlay on top of Android. The hardware specs are not too shabby but not the latest and greatest. It has a 800 MHz processor only but it does have a 5 mega pixel camera and LED flash. It also has a 3.7 inch Gorilla glass display. Honestly, for the price you’re getting your money’s worth plus more.

Check out the video below, it’s proof that the Defy is definitely water resistant and if you’re a klutz like me that’s a big plus. With this phone you’ll be pretty much worry free.

On a side note, the Defy should do fairly well on the market since Oprah endorsed it and gave it away on her show.

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