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August 16, 2010

Greetings Motorola! Welcome to the antennagate club!


A good number of reports cite that Motorola Droid 2 is suffering from the antennagate problem too. And what’s worse is that it happens without even touching the phone (unlike the iPhone). Really, no jacket required!

Hmm .. Motorola, will you give away free bumpers? Oh wait..that ain’t gonna work! Maybe a software update? Maybe a recall? Ouch.

GoogleChic, did I just steal the only weapon in your arsenal? Now, are you ready to accept that Steve Jobs could actually be right? 😀


A good number of reports? You mean like umm ONE? Mobile crunch which reported off of engadget, so now the news is spreading like wildfire, especially on the iPhone fanboy’s sites.

Before we jump the gun, let’s see what the issue is and how wide spread it is. It could be a potential software issue in which the bars are not being displayed correctly (wow does that sound familiar? )

AppleGirl, the only weapon in my arsenal? Hello, earth to AppleGirl, there is more than one Droid phone to choose from. Steve Jobs is still wrong, there are plenty of phones out there that do not require a jacket!

P.S: I did say the Droid 2 was lackluster the other day.

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August 15, 2010

Droid 2 – lackluster?


AppleGirl has lately been harping on the fact that the latest Android devices (Sony Xperia X10 and the Dell Streak) are shipping with outdated OS. Well it looks like Motorola did something right, the Droid 2 ships with the Froyo (2.2), the latest Android OS.The Droid 2 sports a Qwerty keyboard and is very similar to the original Droid. Overall, the reviews are mediocre and if you already own a Droid, there’s nothing that will really make you crave for the upgraded version of the Droid 2. Maybe once the Droid 2 R2 – D2 version will be a bigger hit?


Ouch! GoogleChic kicking Android to the curb! That’s a first time 😉

An attempt to fix the keyboard and more inconsistent and unnecessary software, is all I see on the new Droid 2. GoogleChic mentioned that it comes with Android 2.2. Anyone, want to buy the phone just for that? Everything said, Verizon, after its iPhone jackpot,  doesn’t have to pimp out crappy phones like this anymore.

Droid R2-D2! Good lord, isn’t that thing UGLY. And you ask why Android fans don’t get any action!

P.S: GoogleChic, thanks for that photo. I couldn’t find another uglier picture. 🙂

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