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May 29, 2011

Google Wallet


Google Wallet is the next hottest thing hitting the Market. Google Wallet utilizes NFC technology to allow for you to checkout using credit card info stored on your phone.I know what AppleGirl is going to say, this isn’t something new. People in Japan have been using this for years 🙂 While that is true, at least Google beat Apple to it! ;)For now, you can pay either using your Citi Mastercard or a pre-paid Google card. You can use this anywhere Paypass is accepted and at major retailers such as Macy’s, Walgreens, America Eagle Outfitters, Subway and The Container Store who all partnered with Google on this.As for supported phones, Nexus S is the only supported phone right now but soon other NFC devices will follow.


Apple has a history of jumping in when the time is ripe (iPhone 3G was released much after 3G was available on other phones). Let all the retailers setup their NFC systems (thank you Google), and Apple will sail in with millions of users 🙂 (NFC rumored to be available with iPhone 5 release this summer)

As GoogleChic mentioned, Nexus S is the only supported phone currently. That makes me count the number of people who will actually use  G Wallet right now. Anyway given the rate at which Android phones are released these days, we should see more Android phones supporting NFC in the future. For those of you who need that push to use new technology, Google is offering up $10 free to use and test out G Wallet. 

Any tech news these days is not complete without sueing involved. PayPal just sued Google for swiping trade secrets and poaching employees for developing and launching Google mobile payment system (aka Google Wallet). 


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