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September 26, 2010

Mozilla’s “Seabird” concept phone!


Heard of the Facebook phone rumors? We don’t want Facebook to percolate into our lives more than it already has, do we? Nevermind the Facebook phone, check out “Seabird”, the new concept phone that Mozilla labs community has thrown together! The futuristic concept phone is probably every phone junkies dream. Billy May, the designer and  member of the Mozilla Lab Community brings a futuristic shaped phone fully packed with a pico projector, wireless charging, a full keyboard with infrared sensors  and a multiple-use Bluetooth dongle to manipulate content directly in 3D space.

Don’t get too excited yet, because this phone might never see the light of day.  With Apple pushing the boundaries of innovation, I am sure features such as these might soon be on your iPhone. For starters, Apple recently acquired rights to Liquid Metal technologies!

Check out Patently Apple for a sneak peek into what Apple may have in store for you!


The Seabird concept phone is pretty awesome! AppleGirl, did you see that it’s demoed with an Android OS 🙂

As for Apple  pushing the boundaries of  innovation, don’t hold your breathe AppleGirl, it looks like they’re already behind in the game. Projections on phones isn’t a new concept and at least there’s an Android phone out there already with this (yes, we’re not the first one to come up with this before AppleGirl tells me that)! As for the virtual keyboard there’s Celluon Laserkey a bluetooth laser projection keyboard. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone put all of these devices together and make it portable and slick?

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