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September 26, 2011

Amazon and Apple Media Events coming up


AllThings D reports that the Apple media event hosted by the new CEO Tim Cook scheduled on October 4 is to be held at Apple’s headquarters at Cupertino, California. There are several theories flying around why the event is not being held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. However, the excitement around the media event is the expected release of iPhone 5. What will be interesting to see is if Jobs himself is in attendance at the event.

Amazon too has a media event scheduled but on September 28, when it is expected to launch its Android based Tablet. The tablet is expected to be deeply integrated into Amazon’s services and products – Kindle, Cloud Player, Video Player and App Store. The entry-level price point is expected to be $250. I am curious to see what kind of competition Amazon is going to bring to the table.


It’ll be interesting for sure to see how Tim Cook fairs in his first Apple event as the new CEO. He’s got some pretty big shoes to fill, although if it is the iPhone 5 launch everyone will be ogling at the phone instead of him 🙂

As you should have guessed by now, I am more excited about the Amazon event as compared to the Apple event. Although the Amazon tablet will probably look nothing like a typical Android device since it’s going to be running a heavily skinned UI and you definitely can’t compare it to a Samsung Tabs for sure. However, for the 200 price range it should would make a good gift for family members 🙂


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