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December 27, 2011

Air Play for your Google TV – Airtight


I would assume that most fAndroids have an Android phone which they would use to beam content via DLNA to their TVs. But if you are looking to connect your iPod touch (or any iDevice) to your Google TV, then Airtight does the job. Priced at $0.99, Airtight will enable users to beam movies and pictures from an Apple device to your Google TV. Music & mirroring are not yet supported, but I think this is a pretty handy App for just those Android users who are at the intersection of the Apple & Google eco-systems.


October 5, 2010

Samsung Apps is here! Move out of the way Apple TV!


So, I’m watching Monday night football and I must have seen the Samsung app commercial 10 times! I’m guessing Samsung is trying to preamp the official Logitech unveil of the Google TV line up on Wed (more to come on Google TV).

AppleGirl, don’t be left behind in the dust. Samsung is offering its own apps, Samsung Apps. They’re offering a nice suite of apps from games to news and yes it includes Netflix also. Do I have to remind you that Apple TV doesn’t offer apps? (considering that there are so MANY of them I’m surprised) 🙂

Samsung is not a newcomer to the internet TV market, in fact it adapted Yahoo TV back in 2008. With the popularity of the internet TV market, it looks like Samsung is trying to create its own niche in the market with its own apps. Apparently, Samsung decided to create its own apps so that it can be easily ported to its phones later on. I’m just saying they could have been part of the powerhouse if they partner with Google TV. Google TV will offer a integrated solution between your DVR, satellite and internet. Just wait till Wed, with all of the sneak previews already out I just can’t wait to see what is in the lineup.

AppleGirl, better get out of the way before you get mowed over holding your less superior Apple TV.


GoogleChic,  it’s funny that you are praising Samsung Apps. If it’s so great then don’t you think Google has to move out its way too? And worry not about Apple TV’s capabilities, Apple has quietly built in all the pieces needed to out maneuver Google or any other competitor. With an A4 processor, iOS 4.1, 8GB of flash storage and 256 MB RAM, Apple might be set to  pull another iPod on the world.

Check out the Samsung PN63C8000 review by CNET. Hear him complaining about the sluggishness?  Do all those Yahoo widgets remind you of the Android phone? I don’t think I want to watch my TV shows with  Yahoo weather, finance  and the most unrelated stuff streaming past. Although I think as an Android user, you might like the sub-par Apps that Samsung has to offer? 😉

Given that Apple TV is running on iOS, an iPhone App Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has found that one can easily install applications on the Apple TV (all we need is Apple  to provide us with the App Launcher). He has also noticed a Cocoa-like UI kit to allow developers build Apps for Apple TV. It’s only a matter of time before Apple opens the floodgates and lets you launch Apps. Apps on Apple TV combined with Airplay, iTunes and Game Center, do you think Apple would move and give way to Samsung or Google? You must be joking 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

September 29, 2010

New Apple TV is here!


Apple has started shipping its revamped $99 Apple TVs and the first reviews have just started trickling in. You get to watch a huge collection of first run movies starting at $3.99 or rent TV shows in HD for $0.99 per episode. Tune into internet video content with the new super cool Apple-istic  NetFlix, You Tube, and browse your photo galleries on  Flickr and Mobile Me. Check out this comprehensive Apple TV review video by PCMag below.

Apple TV comes with a simple remote as well as Remote App  for your iDevices.  This sweet App lets you rent shows, navigate or scroll through with the flick of your finger. Isn’t that cool? It’s like a scrolling with a mouse except  that your monitor is your enormous HDTV. When you want to type out something you can use the keyboard on your iDevice.

The new Apple TV runs on iOS 4.1 and users have been poking around for clues on its prospective functionality. Check out MacTalk, who found hints of Facetime, external storage as well as DVD player support in the firmware. These features might never see the light of day but nonetheless gives us a view to what Apple might have in store for the future. The much awaited AirPlay that will let you stream media from any of your iDevices to the Apple TV or some third party audio makers is yet to be released in November as part of iOS 4.2 release.

This is just the start of Apple revolutionizing TV! Mark my words, you will soon find a plethora of companies following in Apple’s footsteps!

With all our music, movies, pictures, contacts and mail seamlessly integrated between all our iDevices, I think Apple has built us a beautiful garden. As all Android purists, GoogleChic, I presume you will say that the beautiful garden is a “walled garden” ;), but who cares? I am not fighting to decentralize the consumer industry. All I want is an excellent user experience and Apple is giving that to me!


Apple TV manages your media content as a “beautiful garden”, Google TV manages it as an ecosystem.

Apple wants you to throw your money down the drain and rent TV shows for $0.99. Google integrates your cable box and the web nicely onto your TV. You can watch the latest episode online or the show you just DVRed all for free 🙂

Apple doesn’t offer apps on the Apple TV, don’t you want to play angry birds on your big screen? Well, you’ll be able to do that on Google TV.

Apple’s HD videos caps out at 720p, Google can bring you 1080p thanks to the Intel Atom processor as compared to the A4.

I’m sounding like a Droid Does commercial. Enough said?

Google TV will release sometime in October. You can buy it pre-built into a Sony TV or you can purchase the Google TV box made by Logitech. Speaking of which check out the first glimpse of Sony’s Google TV.

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