Q: Why does AppleGirl and GoogleChic appear on different sides of the blog depending on the post?

A: The person who is writing about the topic first will appear on the left, the person responding will appear on the right.

Q: Why the colors Green and Grey?

A: Geeky as it might sound, we picked the colors that Android and Apple use.

Q: Why do you have best phone blogs splattered here and there? Aren’t you supposed to be wringing each others necks with the Android-Apple battle?

A: We are trying to play nice to each other by agreeing on a best phone for something/someone. But you might notice that the Apple-Android rant always resurfaces, even on the best phone blogs! Seriously, tell us..  is something wrong with us?

Q:I see single posts from AppleGirl or GoogleChic. Isn’t yours a two column blog?

A: Sometimes we get busy (yes, we are girls with full time techie jobs :)), hence the single posts.

2 Comments to “FAQ”

  1. Hi Girls,
    Any ideas what Samsung is going to be launching next week? with their something big is coming taunts ?
    always been an apple fan, but after Steve dont think it will have the same innovative flair, bought an ipad 2 last week, not impressed with the screen resolution hence returned it, iphone 4s is disappointing, looking forward to Samsungs unpacked media event though
    enlighten the people with your hunch



  2. Sharath,

    Samsung and Google are planning to launch the new Nexus Prime, first device to carry Android’s ice cream sandwich OS. The latest news is that they are postponing the launch in the wake of Jobs’s death. http://www.macrumors.com/2011/10/07/samsung-and-google-delay-android-handset-launch-in-wake-of-steve-jobs-death/. I hope the delay is more so in honor of Jobs than in the fear of downward launch sales.

    iPad 2’s screen resolution cannot be compared to iPhone 4, but the iPad is worth a buy. All the simplicity of Apple in a tablet, I don’t think there is a better tablet in the market right now. And yes, iPhone 4S did not match up to all the hype although it does come with some pretty cool hardware and features like the camera, a5 chip, antenna system and Siri. Apple is already sold out on the iPhone4S pre-orders on launch day. AT&T in the US has sold 200,000 pre-orders in the first 12 hours of the iPhone 4S launch and they say this is most successful iPhone launch they have ever had. Maybe that says something 🙂

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