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August 1, 2011

Google TV (Revue) – $99


Have you been holding out on purchasing a Google TV because of the price? Well, Logitech dropped the price of the Revue (Google TV) from $249 to $99 effective 7/31. At this price it’s a steal! Not to mention, that it’s soon going to be upgraded to Honeycomb. I tried to go buy one today but they’re sold out at the local stores. Good news is that it’s available online via Logitech.



Sorry to break the bubble, but there is a reason for such a big price slash. After a disappointing Q1 when the returns exceeded sales,  CEO Gerald P. Quindlen is leaving the company and Revue can officially be declared as a flop!

While you can have the most popular Apple TV for $99 – Apple didn’t have to cut prices for it 😀 – why would you buy Google Revue (with that ugly keyboard remote et al). Check out our Logitech Revue blog and Google TV vs. Apple TV blog.


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