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September 10, 2010

Google instant search


Today, Google announced it’s newest feature, Google instant. Essentially,  Google will now search for the results as you type, it’s able to instantly return results even before you hit enter! I have to say I found this to be pretty cool, type “a” and Amazon automatically pops up in the search below.  This feature will be availbe later this fall on mobile devices.

Check out the video to see for yourself (I’m sure AppleGirl is going to call this a boring geeky google video :P)

P.S AppleGirl, Safari is a supported browser for Google instant. Like how Google doesn’t leave anyone behind 🙂


GoogleChic, I have to say that Instant Search is impressive and also very scary, predicting results as you type each letter. Should I remind you of the GoogleToilet that is draining all your personal info? With Google Instant, they might even be able to predict what you want to have for lunch today!

Don’t get too excited though! Google might be serving you some heated leftovers. A product manager at Yahoo claims that an interactive  search engine like Google Instant has already been rolled out by Yahoo in 2005! Hmm, does this mean Google copied Yahoo? GoogleChic, doesn’t that sound familiar? 🙂 It does make me wonder if Instant is another Google hype  over nothing.

If you think Google Instant is cool, check this out. Feross Aboukhadijeh, a CS major at Stanford, wagered with a friend that he could replicate Google Instant model with You Tube in an hour. Although he did it in 3 hours and lost the bet, his You Tube instant puts Google Instant to shame. Ofcourse, You Tube CEO, Chad Hurley offered him a job at You Tube over twitter! I see the makings of another Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) in Feross!

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