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July 27, 2010

Apple fights back!


After all the hype about the antenna gate, Apple has decided to fight back (yeah alright.. it’s about the antenna gate again! But I promise this will be the last blog unless of course GoogleChic wants to talk about it :))

CEO Steve Jobs announced free bumpers for all iPhone 4 owners along with telling them that all smart phones suffer from antenna issues. Well, I think the free bumpers did the job (no more fake whining!) quite well.

Apple then decided to show that the issue was being blown out of proportion and added a new page on their website to explain the rigorous testing the iPhone is subjected to. It also showed that all smartphones had the same issue except that no one made a big deal about them. (Consumer Reports .. this one is for you)

Recently, Apple granted ABC unprecedented access to view its secretive wireless testing labs, called the “black labs”.

Now that Apple has put the anti-iPhone4 stories to rest, I think Infinite loop can safely move on to do what they do best! Trend setting new technologies!

GoogleChic, Lets hear what you got! 😉


Fights back? More like DEFLECTION!

Giving out free bumpers is not going to resolve anything! One huge reason why people buy the iPhone is for it’s slick hardware (yes even I drool over the hardware). To slap a bumper over it and say it’s fixed is just lame! AppleGirl, to ABC’s point they could have made the iPhone with a piece of plastic covering the antenna but then it wouldn’t be the “sexy device that makes people sleep on the streets just to buy one.”

As for Apple’s page showing how other phones have the same issues, Steve Jobs is just alienating the world. One of the device noted on Apple’s website is the Droid X. Engadget, PC Magazine just to name a few could not recreate the issue using the Apple death grip. Just to prove a point, PC Magazine used a two handed death grip in their testing. Check out the video below, the two handed death grip will squeeze the life out of a donut! Are you really going to hold your Android devices like that? Unlike the iPhone death grip that just takes one hand and the bars go bye bye!

Honestly, Steve Jobs go back to the basics. The design is flawed! Even if the antenna gap was placed on top of the phone versus on the side of the phone the likelihood of people touching that while on a call is very slim. Yes, every  phone has a weak point but other companies study the human behavior and how they interact with their phones. Apple claims to have done that in their ABC interview but I just don’t see how. Here’s a book I recommend for you Steve Jobs (and AppleGirl), The Design of Everyday Things. Every CS (computer science), CE (computer engineering) student has read this book, back to the basics for you!

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July 20, 2010

Just for kicks – Antenna Aid


I’m sure by now everyone is tired of hearing about the iPhone antenna issue, but somehow I just couldn’t pass this one up. A picture speaks a thousand words and proves my point nicely


It’s called the Halo effect!

While the band-aid is licking off the back of an apple (or is it the side?) , lets support etsy and the starving artists! Way to go!

July 13, 2010

Wat’s the deal with the iPhone 4g?


So AppleGirl, are you still planning to buy the iPhone 4G?  They’re selling like hot cakes but the number of complaints regarding the antenna issue is piling up as well. Consumer Report, CNET, Engadget just to name a few has proven that there is a flaw in the design with the iPhone antenna. The latest report on CNN advises users to duct tape it, but better yet, according Steven Jobs “Just avoid holding it in that way”. I think it’s finally time for you iPhone fanboys to join the Android wagon. EVO and Droid X are prime candidates if you want to make this switch. Think about it, you can surf at 4G speeds on EVO (faster than my home internet if you have a sad connection like me), or get the Droid X which is on Verizon and not have to worry about dropped calls! Ponder those thoughts you diehard fans! As for you AppleGirl if you end up getting the iPhone 4G I’ll know wat to get you for your bday this year, a nice BIG Band-aid to slap over the boo boo on the iPhone.


If you bought it and don’t like it, bring it back!arrggh … Consumer Reports just cannot make up their mind. The product evaluation agency decides to warn people of the i4 death grip but also rate it as the best smart  phone on the planet. Clearly the agency has joined the Apple bashing club and is probably getting more hits now than it ever did.  And so GoogleChic, I am even surprised that you fell for that boo boo act by consumer agency.The antenna gate  is overly exaggerated by the iHaters and they don’t really care if their Nexus (hint hint) or their Nokia drops calls the same way. All they want is a a recall and I am sure Jobs pleased them with free bumper

The real question now  is will people still buy it? Heck YES!!! Despite early reports on the antenna, Apple sold a gazillion phones in only three days, something HTC, Samsung and likes can only dream of. It is true that people might just wait it out for all this antenna hullabaloo to settle down. But the truth is that the iFans are’nt going anywhere!

To answer your question .. Yes, I will buy the i4 and still gloat about it to you! Maybe I will sneak this song into your iPod (ahem ahem) so you can run an extra mile or two out of pure loath! 😀

Some of us are offended if you call it an Iphone 4G because technically its 3G with IOS 4.0. Jeez .. was that geeky or what?

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