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October 8, 2010

Antennagate, now glassgate?


Just a couple of months ago, Steve Jobs had to deal with the whole Antennagate fiasco. Job’s solution to the whole antennagate problem was to slap a case on the iPhone and  problem solved! Now, ironically there are reports in which slide-on cases can trap dirt that causes scratches on the back panel, which in it of itself isn’t a huge deal. However, the scratches can lead to cracks and in worse case scenarios cracking of the back panel all together. Supposedly, Apple has pulled some of these cases and started a testing program to determine if  there really is an issue.

AppleGirl, I sure hope you got the bumper for your iPhone. Wouldn’t want that pretty phone of yours to get shattered 😉

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GooleChic, let me count the number of months it’s been since the iPhone  4 was released.


How many customers have complained about the so called “glassgate”?


Your story purports to come from a blogger who got the news from “sources both inside and outside Apple”.  Are we all so dumb to believe one person’s unwarranted claim?

Design flaws are born out of customer issues. Go ahead, search the web and find me a customer complaint about this. Lets look for real issues (like loose hinges on T-Mobile’s G2 and yes, that’s what you call a customer issue) instead of smacktalk.

Suck it up Androids, it’s time to accept it that your Android phones will never match up to the iPhone. 😉 GoogleChic, I know you are jealous of the sheer glass edgy look of the iPhone and its retina display. You cannot deny that using sliding cases and dirt traps.


August 31, 2010

New iPhone 4 in September?


Recently, Mexican carrier Telcel’s representative indicated that Apple will release a revised version of the iPhone 4 in September. Surprisingly, this coincides with Steve Jobs’ announcement that Apple will offer free bumpers  for phones bought until September 30.

If the speculation is true, come September, iPhone 4-antennagate free might be up for sale? Want it?


Sound the alarm! If this news is true, does that mean Steve Jobs will admit on September 30th that he was wrong? That there really was an issue? I mean he did tick off half the mobile world with his death grip demo, so if I were Jobs I would come out waving a white flag 🙂

P.S Maybe all you iPhone lovers who still haven’t pulled the trigger should wait until September 30th to see how this pans out. Do you really want to purchase a defective device?

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August 16, 2010

Greetings Motorola! Welcome to the antennagate club!


A good number of reports cite that Motorola Droid 2 is suffering from the antennagate problem too. And what’s worse is that it happens without even touching the phone (unlike the iPhone). Really, no jacket required!

Hmm .. Motorola, will you give away free bumpers? Oh wait..that ain’t gonna work! Maybe a software update? Maybe a recall? Ouch.

GoogleChic, did I just steal the only weapon in your arsenal? Now, are you ready to accept that Steve Jobs could actually be right? 😀


A good number of reports? You mean like umm ONE? Mobile crunch which reported off of engadget, so now the news is spreading like wildfire, especially on the iPhone fanboy’s sites.

Before we jump the gun, let’s see what the issue is and how wide spread it is. It could be a potential software issue in which the bars are not being displayed correctly (wow does that sound familiar? )

AppleGirl, the only weapon in my arsenal? Hello, earth to AppleGirl, there is more than one Droid phone to choose from. Steve Jobs is still wrong, there are plenty of phones out there that do not require a jacket!

P.S: I did say the Droid 2 was lackluster the other day.

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July 27, 2010

Apple fights back!


After all the hype about the antenna gate, Apple has decided to fight back (yeah alright.. it’s about the antenna gate again! But I promise this will be the last blog unless of course GoogleChic wants to talk about it :))

CEO Steve Jobs announced free bumpers for all iPhone 4 owners along with telling them that all smart phones suffer from antenna issues. Well, I think the free bumpers did the job (no more fake whining!) quite well.

Apple then decided to show that the issue was being blown out of proportion and added a new page on their website to explain the rigorous testing the iPhone is subjected to. It also showed that all smartphones had the same issue except that no one made a big deal about them. (Consumer Reports .. this one is for you)

Recently, Apple granted ABC unprecedented access to view its secretive wireless testing labs, called the “black labs”.

Now that Apple has put the anti-iPhone4 stories to rest, I think Infinite loop can safely move on to do what they do best! Trend setting new technologies!

GoogleChic, Lets hear what you got! 😉


Fights back? More like DEFLECTION!

Giving out free bumpers is not going to resolve anything! One huge reason why people buy the iPhone is for it’s slick hardware (yes even I drool over the hardware). To slap a bumper over it and say it’s fixed is just lame! AppleGirl, to ABC’s point they could have made the iPhone with a piece of plastic covering the antenna but then it wouldn’t be the “sexy device that makes people sleep on the streets just to buy one.”

As for Apple’s page showing how other phones have the same issues, Steve Jobs is just alienating the world. One of the device noted on Apple’s website is the Droid X. Engadget, PC Magazine just to name a few could not recreate the issue using the Apple death grip. Just to prove a point, PC Magazine used a two handed death grip in their testing. Check out the video below, the two handed death grip will squeeze the life out of a donut! Are you really going to hold your Android devices like that? Unlike the iPhone death grip that just takes one hand and the bars go bye bye!

Honestly, Steve Jobs go back to the basics. The design is flawed! Even if the antenna gap was placed on top of the phone versus on the side of the phone the likelihood of people touching that while on a call is very slim. Yes, every  phone has a weak point but other companies study the human behavior and how they interact with their phones. Apple claims to have done that in their ABC interview but I just don’t see how. Here’s a book I recommend for you Steve Jobs (and AppleGirl), The Design of Everyday Things. Every CS (computer science), CE (computer engineering) student has read this book, back to the basics for you!

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