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August 7, 2010

iPad’s first ever knockoff, Android iPed


GoogleChic, Just to refresh your memory, you know that the first Android tablet was a iPad knock off right? (Continuing our copy cat conversation from before)

The iPed started off selling for a cheap $105 in May this year. Since you are so hell bent against Apple, you might like this Android packaged as an iPad. I still can’t tell whether they named it “iPED” or “APAD”. Go figure!

If you didn’t like the iPad knock-off, here’s another option. Android OS on the iPhone. Wouldn’t that be heaven for you? 😀


What a surprise, leave it to the Asians to create a knock off.  But hey, if you launch the iPad in Asia later than U.S they’ve got to make their own right? So while they’re at it, why not have the best of both worlds, Apple hardware and Android OS (because we know that’s the best!)

Looks like you can get the iPed for under $200, but I’m holding out to see what the Samsung Tab will bring to the table.

AppleGirl, as for the Android OS running on the iPhone, NO THANKS! There are so many new awesome phones coming out with sweet hardware! Check out the HTC Desire and Dell Streak. Not to mention Dell Streak is a mini tablet as well 🙂

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