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May 24, 2011

“App Store” – What’s in a name?


Why does every mobile OS maker or app seller want to call their application distribution platform an App Store? That’s what Apple is complaining about.

It’s no doubt that Microsoft has an issue about the trademark and it filed a motion at the US trademark and Patent office to deny Apple’s application, claiming Apple cannot trademark a generic term. To remind Microsoft, “App Store” wasn’t a generic term until Apple created it.

Soon Amazon followed and named it’s store for Android apps as “Amazon App Store” and Apple sued Amazon.

Why cant others call their distribution platforms something else like “Application Store”, because thats what an App Store really is? 


Google has done a good job calling it’s “App Store” the Market. However,  an outsider who is not familiar with Android may wonder what the Market is.  The response to that would be the app store for Android.

Yes, AppleGirl we can call it the application store. However, in this day and age where acronyms are in our everyday vocab, who doesn’t use the abbreviated version 🙂

I say that we coin the new term the App Entrepot and call it a day!

February 4, 2011

Android Market – web store


Google hosted a Honeycomb event today. One thing that they introduced during this event was the web version of the Android Market. You can now browse for apps, pay for them and install all from your laptop!

Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about this when I was watching the event until I tried it! Just go to sign in and download to your hearts content! It’s pretty cool, AppleGirl jealous?

Check out the details below.

Hit install on the app, and you’ll be prompted that the app will download    shortly on your phone.

In my case, almost instantly. I wasn’t fast enough to get a shot of the app downloading 😉 (can’t complain about it being fast right?)

After the app is installed, it’ll show as INSTALLED on the web Android Market.



Finally Google got around to copying Apple. Yes, GoogleChic, we already had access to our iApps on our computers (On iTunes, we can surf the App Store, although we cannot select and download an App to the iPhone)

Google harnessing its cloud power is definitely not a game changer. Let’s hope this helps Android cover the gap (350K – 150K Apps) to beat Apple in the App business. More importantly, with the extended exposure, Android web store should be an added incentive for developers to create Apps for Android (vs. creating an App for Apple).

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