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February 10, 2011

Holy App!


Want to keep track of your sins? Looks like a lot of people do. The Confession: A Roman Catholic App developer will sure make a lot of money from all you guilty people. Apart from keeping track of your sins, this $1.99 App will take you through the ten commandments with questions attached to each!

The Vatican warned that this iPhone App can help Catholics prepare for confession but cannot replace the real thing!


Well, here’s something else that the iPhone can’t do and the Vatican is sending the message this time 🙂

According to the Vatican, you cannot confess to your iPhone. The debacle came about with the app being referred to as the “virtual priest”.  However, according to the developer,Patrick Leinen, ”This app is intended to help a person prepare for the sacrament of confession”.

Common, it’s an app, I’m surprised the Vatican actually issued a statement for this!

November 14, 2010

Want Netflix on your Android?


Sorry fAndroids .. you can’t get your hands on a Netflix App for some time or at least until Netflix figures out how to keep its media secure on Android. However, if you had an iPhone (or even a Windows Phone 7)  you wouldn’t be crying about being deprived of Netflix on your phone!

Netflix says that “the lack of a generic platform and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available on Android” has prevented it from providing Netflix content on Android. Basically, it is saying that Android does not help keep the media secure and that Hollywood will hold Netflix to its neck if users are able to rip, convert and save movies illegally!

GoogleChic, I don’t want to say that “Steve told you so” 🙂 but hasn’t he been saying all along that Android is too fragmented for mobile developers to develop their applications.  And this might just be the next avalanche that Google will have to tackle!


With Android being an open source system, I would think there are more options for Netflix. I’m not a security or DRM (technology utilized to protect copyright material) expert, but can’t Netflix bake the security into their app?

Discretix offers a Multi-Scheme DRM client to protect copyright materials. In fact Sony utilizes Discretix’s DRM client “protect distribution and consumption of multimedia content” for its PlayNow services”.

Maybe I’m naive, but it seems possible that with enough development Netflix can offer an application that can be utilized on all Android devices.

What do you think?

September 5, 2010

Create an iPhone App or an Android app?


If you are wondering which app would give you a better ROI, then take a look at the investment in iPhone/iPad app development which has gone up by 220% over the last year. If investors are ready to invest humoungous amounts on iPhone app development, where do you think you would sell your App more? And why waste time developing cross platform apps when you can make the most at Apple’s App Store?

GoogleChic, sorry to burst your bubble about the expanding Android market to beat Apple and its App Store! Atleast the venture capitalists believe the money is in the hands of the iPhone users!


Android was introduced less than two years ago  and started increasing in popularity only within the last year. I would say that 95, 000 apps and 64% of them being free is a big plus!

As for investors investing only in Apple Apps, are you so sure? It looks like companies that have invested in Apple apps are realizing that their apps can do just as well in the Android Market. I don’t have a fancy chart like the AppleGirl, but take the Angry Bird game for example. They just released the Beta version for Android and I have to say, I understand now why this game is so popular on the iPhone. It’s just plain addicting!

AppleGirl, I challenge you to a game of Angry Bird duel; high scorer wins. Better start practicing 🙂

P.S On a side note, the developer that wrote the Advance  Task manager program made $80K between 2009 – 2010. AppleGirl, do you still think Android is not lucrative? Think about all the extra cash!

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August 8, 2010

Just for laughs!


 There are some pretty interesting apps on Android. Some of you may find the Type N Walk app pointless, but if you know me I’m a huge klutz and this app may actually come in handy! The app uses your camera so that you are able to still see while you type. Deal or dud?


 Measure how high you can throw your iPhone! If you are crazy enough to pay $0.99 for the App and throw your $$ phone just to end up breaking it, this App is for you!

HangTime encourages users to throw their phones higher and higher and share it with other users.

The App’s disclaimer is hilarious ““IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of this application can be dangerous; follow all safety procedures at all times. Make sure your iPhone is secured and protected from potential damage.”

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July 20, 2010

App Inventor, Hot or not?


With the announcement of the app inventor in Google labs, there’s a lot of buzz out there. App inventor allows for a user with “NO programming knowledge” (according to Google) to simply drag and drop buttons, post pretty little picture and DING your app is created. As much as I love the Android platform, is this really something that’s really as hot as it sounds? Don’t we have enough mindless application out there on the Market already? Do we need to fuel the fire by adding potentially more bad apps? We all know that if an application is not correctly developed it drains the life (battery that is) out of our phones. As much as I loathe Apple, I have to say they have a nice approval process in place for their apps. The app inventor is a kool idea but there needs to be some control over what is released to the market. With the app inventor, everyone in the world can have at an Android application. I can be a really good thing with some boundaries in place.  Check out the demo video by Google, what’s with the cat lady and the cat app?



Raise of hands …
How many artists out there would like to promote their business?
How many artists know zilch about creating apps?
How many artists want them free?

Not to mention that most of the artists (scientists, software developers too?) would rather prefer an iPhone to an Android! The app inventor is a boon to smart phone users. It is an effortless way to create an app. Albeit, keep in mind that dumb apps will not see the insides of  too many an android.

On the other hand, it is obvious that the App Inventor is Google’s attempt to beat Apple at its own game! With over 220,000 apps in the iTunes store, Apple has way more apps to boast than Google’s Marketplace. What better way to out do Apple than to create a humongous inventory (of possibly mindless) apps? Quantity over quality is not going to help anyone sell a  million phones! And also, crappy meow apps are not Apples thing!

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