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October 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II for $2 – Beat that Apple


It looks like Samsung is bringing out the big guns in its battle with Apple. Since early this year, the frenemies Apple and Samsung have been in patent infringement disputes in over 10 countries. Recently, Apple bluntly declined Samsung’s proposed settlement to allow Samsung to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Samsung now has a pop up store a few meters away from the Apple’s Sydney store, that is expected to launch iPhone 4S this Friday. The good news is that Samsung is giving away the new Galaxy S II for $2 for the first ten customers every day. LOL

I would say stand in line and buy a $2 Galaxy S II, sell it on eBay and get an iPhone 4S 😀

 Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

November 29, 2010

Gaga over Gogo!


Google announced last month that they were going to partner up with Delta, AirTran and Virgin America to offer free in flight WiFi. I didn’t think too much of this at the time since I rarely travel and if I do, I don’t typically fly on those airlines.

Well it’s 6 am and I’m on a Delta flight, instead of catching up on some zzzzz (like everyone else) I’m online blogging 🙂 I can see how addicting Gogo (in flight wireless provider in the US) is, thanks Google!  The free WiFi only last until Jan 2, 2011. However, for longer flights I sure will shell out for the service. The speed is not bad at all and sure helps you pass time!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!


Would you rent an iPad on your flight? If you are flying thousands of miles in a cramped seat without any in-flight entertainment, a rental iPad loaded with movies, TV shows, books, magazines and games would be a boon!! Australia’s JetStar and Iceland express are planning to rent out iPads as in flight entertainment for $10-$13. Thanks to Apple, we are finally getting rid of those ugly, malfunctioning in- flight screens!

GoogleChic, the Gogo holiday offer is neat, but sharing a 3 Mbps connection with dozens of other passengers might be pretty inconvenient. You might as well get those Happy Hour cocktails while you wait for that Netflix movie to buffer 🙂

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