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November 26, 2011

iOS App deals


Past Black Friday, you may still be able to get some gadget deals like the 11″ Mac Book Air for $849.99 among others. For more gadget deals, check out 9To5Mac’s Black Friday Price Guide. Now that you have the hardware, here are some of the App deals.  For more check out AppShopper


Infinity Blade – $2.99

Battlefield Bad Company – $2.99 

Spiderman Total Mayhem – $2.99 

Madden NFL 12 – $2.99

FIFA Soccer 12 – $2.99

Ultimate Mortal Combat – $0.99

Sonic the Hedgehog – $1.99

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – $1.99

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 – $2.99

Assasins Creed: Altair’s Chronicles – $0.99

Rayman 2: The Great Escape – $0.99

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden $0.99

Splinter Cell Conviction $0.99 (iPad version)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 $0.99 (iPad version)

The Dark Meadow $0.99

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars $2.99

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD $2.99

NBA Jam $1.99 (was $4.99)

Tetris for iPad $2.99 (was $7.99)

Need for Speed $4.99 (was $9.99)

Fifa 10 $0.99 (Regular $2.99)

Real Racing $0.99 (was $2.99)

Shift 2 Unleashed $1.99 (was $4.99)

Navigation, Travel and Lifestyle

Tom Tom USA $49.99 $31.99 

Tom Tom USA and Canada $59.99 $39.99 

NaviGon USA$49.99  $29.99

NaviGon North America $59.99 $39.99

NaviGon Europe$119.99 $74.99

Seattle Bus Map$9.99 Free

Dash Fly$4.99 Free – Create optimized multi-stop routes and tracking mileage for easy tax reporting!

Lonely Planet Sydney Travel Guide$15.99 – $5.99

Lonely Planet Paris Travel Guide$15.99 – $5.99

National Geographic National Parks Maps HD$9.99 – $1.99

London Tube Boards$0.99 – Free

iParked $0.99 – Free – Add reminders on when to move the car, get driving, transit or walking directions to your car and share and search features.

Yosemite National Park $0.99 – Free

Wine Whereever Paso Robles$2.99 – Free – A great App for your wine tasting escapades. 

My MPG$2.99 – Free – Save gas, save money. This App teaches you how to make small changes in your driving to save big at the pump.

Jibbigo Spanish English Speech translator – $27.99 – $4.99

Business, Productivity:

Agile Project Manager$11.99 – $0.99

PDF Reader Pro$5.99 – $3.99

Quick Invoice$0.99 – Free

Scanner Pro$6.99 – $4.99

Cloud Connect Pro$24.99 – $14.99

Wyse Pocket Cloud $14.99 – $8.99

QuickOffice Pro$14.99 $7.99 – Create, view and edit Microsoft documents

QuickOffice Pro HD$19.99 $11.99 

Mixr DJ$19.99 – $4.99

DJ for iPad$19.99 – $9.99

Beamer $2.99 – $0.99 – Forgot to bring your business card? Detects any iPhones or iDevices around you and lets you send your contact information.

Printer Pro $4.99 -$2.99 – Wirelessly print from your iPhone

1Password for iPhone $9.99 – $4.99 – Can securely store all your log in information and automatically log you in with a single tap

1Password for iPad$9.99 – $4.99

Scanner Pro$3.99 – $1.99 – Scan , fax, print, create multiple PDF docs.

December 6, 2010

iPad Doorbuster!


TJ Maxx’s doorbuster $399 deal for Black Friday was the best iPad deal this year. However, if you are still out for some holiday shopping then Bloomingdale’s is offering a free iPad when you shop $1500 worth of Y.E.S contemporary sportswear at the Manhattan Bloomingdale store on Dec 10 – 12.

Spending that much money on sportswear might be a stretch for some of us, but if you are in the market to buy outfits for your soccer team, then you’ve got an awesome deal on your hands! 🙂



Ouch for $1500 I would rather buy the iPad 🙂 That is pretty steep for sportsware (which you probably wont’ even wear to work out ;))

On the other hand, if you want to sign your life away to a 2 year contract to one of the major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile) then you can get a free Android phone. Personally, I think the Droid Incredible is probably your best bet. Check out the deals at

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