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December 14, 2010

Just for kicks! Christmas Duel!


GoogeChic, I’m getting you one of the elusive white iPhones to hang on your Christmas tree this holiday. The Retina display is made of premium photo paper and you can use the ornament as a refrigerator magnet for the rest of year.

If you don’t fancy the white iPhone ornament, I’ll get you the black iPhone along with the master ornament himself –Steve Jobs on the cover of Time! Like it? 🙂



Sounds good AppleGirl! I have a perfect spot for that white iPhone on my tree. That would be the bottom tier of the tree, so that it is bound to be knocked down when my adorable dog runs under the tree like a maniac. He’ll probably trample over  the pretty retina display as well. 🙂

Since there aren’t any Android ornaments on sale, I’m going to be crafty this year and make you  ones like the ones below. While I’m at it, I’ll also make you some gingerbread cookies so that you can enjoy them when you hang up your gifts.

P.S. Tomorrow is your chance to win a Nexus S if you show off some awesome homemade gingerbread cookies! Check it out via Twitter and Facebook.

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