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February 10, 2011

Holy App!


Want to keep track of your sins? Looks like a lot of people do. The Confession: A Roman Catholic App developer will sure make a lot of money from all you guilty people. Apart from keeping track of your sins, this $1.99 App will take you through the ten commandments with questions attached to each!

The Vatican warned that this iPhone App can help Catholics prepare for confession but cannot replace the real thing!


Well, here’s something else that the iPhone can’t do and the Vatican is sending the message this time 🙂

According to the Vatican, you cannot confess to your iPhone. The debacle came about with the app being referred to as the “virtual priest”.  However, according to the developer,Patrick Leinen, ”This app is intended to help a person prepare for the sacrament of confession”.

Common, it’s an app, I’m surprised the Vatican actually issued a statement for this!

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