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August 15, 2010

Droid 2 – lackluster?


AppleGirl has lately been harping on the fact that the latest Android devices (Sony Xperia X10 and the Dell Streak) are shipping with outdated OS. Well it looks like Motorola did something right, the Droid 2 ships with the Froyo (2.2), the latest Android OS.The Droid 2 sports a Qwerty keyboard and is very similar to the original Droid. Overall, the reviews are mediocre and if you already own a Droid, there’s nothing that will really make you crave for the upgraded version of the Droid 2. Maybe once the Droid 2 R2 – D2 version will be a bigger hit?


Ouch! GoogleChic kicking Android to the curb! That’s a first time 😉

An attempt to fix the keyboard and more inconsistent and unnecessary software, is all I see on the new Droid 2. GoogleChic mentioned that it comes with Android 2.2. Anyone, want to buy the phone just for that? Everything said, Verizon, after its iPhone jackpot,  doesn’t have to pimp out crappy phones like this anymore.

Droid R2-D2! Good lord, isn’t that thing UGLY. And you ask why Android fans don’t get any action!

P.S: GoogleChic, thanks for that photo. I couldn’t find another uglier picture. 🙂

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August 13, 2010

Dell is no Apple!


GoogleChic, your “ever evolving Android”  has left another device in the dark? 😉 The Dell Steak Mini is being shipped with an old Android 1.6  and promising an upgrade ..god knows when. Is that Dell being lazy or what?

Now, I am not sure if it is a iPad wannabe or an iPhone wannabe! Too small and expensive to be an iPad killer and too big and again expensive to be an iPhone killer. Yikes, talk about a design blunder!!

You think Dell Streak will make the cut?  I think NOT!


Google’s ever evolving Android platform didn’t leave another device in the dark. Dell needs to get their act together and help themselves. It does look like Dell is trying to play catch up as 2.1 has been leaked in the UK but they’ll need to move fast since we’re now on 2.2!

AppleGirl, don’t fault Google for Dell’s inability to keep up. After all,  there are plenty of devices from HTC, Motorola and Samsung to choose from; unlike the one device, one carrier choice. 😉

By the way, Dell Streak is more of a “mini” tablet so you’ll have to at least give Dell credit for attempting to try something new. They are trying to stand out, so “Dell is no Apple” because they don’t want to be!

Check it out for yourselves and let us know what you think!

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