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December 2, 2010

All things Air – iOS 4.2


Apple released the Airplay feature in the much awaited iOS 4.2 software update. It’s sweeter than I had anticipated in our earlier blog. Airplay is seamlessly built into all the iOS devices and gives you the wireless nirvana you’ve been looking for.

In case you haven’t been following along, Airplay is the ability to stream audio and video from any iOS device to the Apple TV. It also lets you stream music to an Airport Express. If you own an Airport Express, you can now stream “any” audio (including Pandora!) from an iOS device directly (you are not restricted to iTunes or to the Remote App). Moreover, Apple has partnered with some third party audio makers to give you more of that wireless nirvana.

Albeit the feature comes with a limitation – streaming third party applications like VLC Media Player is limited to audio only – Jobs hopes to bring it in the future release.

Despite being available for years, DLNA (the dry name doesn’t seem to be helping!) will now gain popularity because of Airplay. DLNA is already available on many phones, but does anyone use it? Now that Airplay is out, every other phone manufacturer will jump on the DLNA band wagon.

GoogleChic, we need to have a DLNA vs Airplay face-off experiment! 🙂

P.S: Check out more of our DLNA vs Airplay tiff.


Okay AppleGirl, I get it you LOVE Airplay. There’s really not much more to say about DLNA (which I’ve not said before) other then it does pretty much the same thing as Airplay just with non Apple devices.

Other than Airplay, Apple released AirPrint with Apple’s iOS 4.2 release. Obviously, wireless printing isn’t new to the world, but with AirPrint you’re now able to print directly from your Apple devices without having to install drivers or software.

AirPrint allows for you to print wirelessly to an ePrint enabled printer. However, thus far there are only 10 compatible HP printers.

Not to worry, there are ways to get around the compatibly issue  if your printer is not supported. Check out the instructions here.

Needless to say, AirPrint is a nice to have feature but it’s nothing new to the world. Wireless printing has been out there for quite some time. Apple only got it to a point where you don’t have to install software or drivers, that is if you own one of the compatible printers 🙂

Don’t worry all you Android fans, I’m not jumping on the Apple bandwagon. I’m just merely pointing out facts 🙂

October 9, 2010

Logitech Revue – Google TV vs Apple TV


Logitech Revue is finally here!  The Revue is a set top box for Google TV which brings your TV to a whole new level including web browsing and video conferencing.

The Revue packs in more power in terms of hardware as compare to the Apple TV. It sports two usb  ports (as compared to one micro usb on the Apple TV), and a faster processor, specially the intel Atom 1.2 GHZ processor as compared to the A4.

The Revue comes with a lightweight keyboard  with a multi touch track pad. If you want to opt for something smaller you can download the Logitech Harmony remote app for your Android phone and yes iPhones as well 🙂

Also, there is a Logitech TV cam that you can purchase to turn your Google TV into a conferencing system.

I’m sure AppleGirl is shaking her head by now. The Revue after all is $299 as compared to the Apple TV at $99. However, does Apple TV pack this much into its system?  Remember, Google TV manages your media content as an ecosystem, it nicely integrates your cable box or DVR with the web and not to mention it can connect to your DLNA devices. My take is that Google TV has much more potential as compared to the Apple TV and it’s worth the extra  dinero.

Check it our for yourselves!

P.S The Revue is available for 179 for Dish Network customers.


GoogleChic, you guessed right 🙂 I am squirming at the sound of a $299 set top box which does not replace my cable. Do you really want to pay so much just to search for shows on your DVR? And do you really have so many recorded that you can’t just flip through the list.

Google TV lets you surf the internet on your TV. It’s a cool feature, but for that price, no thanks! I would rather do it on my laptop. I can hear GoogleChic, saying that you can watch free TV shows on Flash embedded websites on GoogleTV. But aren’t you already paying for those shows on your cable connection? Jeez, Androids like to over complicate things! (Is it me or do I see a new Microsoft here?)

GoogleChic, you have two USB ports?  Are you going to use that when your DLNA connection takes a hike? 😉 Apple likes it simple, especially with the seamless Airplay. Connect any of your iDevices without a USB connection.

If you want to buy the Revue, you should check out the “lightweight” keyboard that GoogleChic is referring to. Did Logitech just pick up a computer keyboard and add a track pad to it? Do you want that sticking out like a sore thumb on your coffee table? Not just that Logitech decided to go all out on remotes. They also have a palm sized remote for $129, which is not too far away in complexity. Apple’s flair for simplicity is vivid in the Apple TV remote. A slim remote with just three buttons with navigation as simple as it is on your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

You can use your Android apps to watch video content such as NBC, MSNBC and HBO. But wait don’t you pay for all that TV content on your cable bill? The Google TV box lets you play content on You Tube, NetFlix and Flickr. All of which Apple TV supports effortlessly along  with iTunes store to rent TV shows  and movies and Mobile Me, which is Apple’s integrated solution for email, calendar, files photos and much more.

Logitech gives you a TV camera for $149.99 (Boy do those costs keep piling up! I’m already at $577 and still counting!) Apple doesn’t have video conferencing features yet. But, it’s only a matter of time when Apple upgrades the Apple TV software to support Facetime, which is integrated with all your iDevices. It’s a known fact that Apple TV can support iOS Apps. I am pretty sure that’s the next big thing on Apple’s agenda. If Apple lets you run Apps on your Apple TV, for $99 you would have got yourself a new gaming device.

GoogleTV sure has potential, but all it seems to be doing is complicating our lives with unnecessary software and sucking all that dinero out of our pockets.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

September 19, 2010

DLNA vs Airplay


So AppleGirl has been talking about Airplay for quite awhile, but Airplay won’t be available until November. But, why wait? DLNA is readily available now and it’s better than Airplay. For those that are not familiar with DLNA, it stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. DLNA allows you to connect any device in your home that is DLNA enabled thru wireless network. What does this mean? It means that you can connect your phone to your laptop, TV, digital frame etc. You can connect any device, and share your music, photos, videos etc!! Unlike, Airplay you can only connect your Apple devices. DLNA has the backing of major manufactures like Sony, HTC, Samsung and many more. It looks like Apple is doing its own thing yet again! Spinning the wheels and creating something on their own when DLNA already exist in the market and it’s proven to work. Think about the possibilities that could have been if Apple adpated DLNA but instead Apple is off in lala land.

Anyways, for those of you like me that have an older TV, the HTC tube allows for your TV to have DLNA capabilities. Just  plug the Tube via a HDMI cable to your TV and you’re good to go. Don’t have DLNA on your phone? Download the TownkyServer and then you can beam to any DLNA device as well :).

Check out the video to see how DLNA works.


Let’s first briefly recap the media streaming history. Six years ago Apple released AirTunes, which allows iTunes users to wirelessly stream their iTunes music library to Apple’s wireless router – Airport Express. In the meantime the consumer electronics industry had founded DLNA. Umm, doesn’t it sound familiar? 😉

I have tried audio streaming with AirTunes on Airport Express as well as MediaLink (a piece of software using DLNA technology) on my computer  streaming media to my Sony PS3. Even though Airport express only supports audio streaming as compared to Media Link which supports all media, AirTunes performance is always seamless and hassle free unlike Medialink. If DLNA is already out in the market, GoogleChic, is there a reason why not many people have heard of it until just recently when Apple announced Airplay? If DLNA is much better than Airplay, I am assuming that GoogleChic, you are already using it on your Android phone. No? Why? 😉

Lesson learnt from my experience is that if you wish for a fine implementation, technically elegant with ease of use, then you can bank on Apple! When you are being guaranteed quality of experience, why the heck would you say no?

AirPlay is AirTunes (for all kinds of media) bundled in iOS 4.2 coming up in November with Apple TV. It allows streaming of content from any iOS 4.2 device and Mac. Not only that, you can also stream music to big third party audio makers such as Denon, Marantz, Bowers and Wilkins, JBL and iHome. Denon and iHome have already announced that they would be releasing support for Airplay. Hmm, why does it always have to be Apple to come into the market and do things right?

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