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November 14, 2010

Want Netflix on your Android?


Sorry fAndroids .. you can’t get your hands on a Netflix App for some time or at least until Netflix figures out how to keep its media secure on Android. However, if you had an iPhone (or even a Windows Phone 7)  you wouldn’t be crying about being deprived of Netflix on your phone!

Netflix says that “the lack of a generic platform and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available on Android” has prevented it from providing Netflix content on Android. Basically, it is saying that Android does not help keep the media secure and that Hollywood will hold Netflix to its neck if users are able to rip, convert and save movies illegally!

GoogleChic, I don’t want to say that “Steve told you so” 🙂 but hasn’t he been saying all along that Android is too fragmented for mobile developers to develop their applications.  And this might just be the next avalanche that Google will have to tackle!


With Android being an open source system, I would think there are more options for Netflix. I’m not a security or DRM (technology utilized to protect copyright material) expert, but can’t Netflix bake the security into their app?

Discretix offers a Multi-Scheme DRM client to protect copyright materials. In fact Sony utilizes Discretix’s DRM client “protect distribution and consumption of multimedia content” for its PlayNow services”.

Maybe I’m naive, but it seems possible that with enough development Netflix can offer an application that can be utilized on all Android devices.

What do you think?

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