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October 29, 2010

Want a white iPhone 4?


GoogleChic, this one is for you. You are going to love the video 🙂

Amidst all the white iPhone 4 drama that’s going on these days (Rumors about Apple cancelling the release of the white iPhone and purging it from Apple’s online store), here’s a new take on the white iPhone 4 by folks at JLE Productions. Apparently, JLE doesn’t think it can make money using an Android phone!

If anyone has been waiting for the past 5 months to get a white iPhone, geez.. stop being a wannabe and go get the black one! If you are so desperate for the color, here’s a white cover option you could try. Or you could try the white Evo 4G (which is actually half white. I think Sprint is one eye blind) or the My Touch 3G. Because “they apparently does” 😉


ROFL!! AppleGirl, you’re absolutely right, I loved the video!

By the time the white iPhone 4 comes out iPhone 5 would have launched, it’s now scheduled for Spring of 2011!

I like how AppleGirl is telling you white iPhone fans to get a cover, did you know you have to operate on your iPhone in order to get it that way? It’s not really a “cover” (check out the pics below).

The better alternative is  for $8.49 you can get a white decal from Amazon and make your dreams comes true 🙂

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