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October 13, 2010

iPad – Officially the fastest selling Tech Gadget ever!


If you have been hearing way too much about the iPad since it was launched, there is a reason for that! With an estimated 8.5 million units sold (and 3 million in its first 80 days), iPad is the top selling tech gadget in history as noted by Information Week.GoogleChic, let’s see Google Chrome Tab, Galaxy Tab or any of droid tablets beat this one and I will eat my words! Bring on the army of iPad killers 🙂

iPad is not only known for replacing netbooks but also eating into PC sales. Research group NPD released a survey that found 13% of the iPad buyers would have purchased a PC if not for the iPad. With TargetWalmart and Sam’s Club selling (or ready to sell) iPads now, we can expect the holiday season sales to shoot up sky high.

GoogleChic, Android is all talk and no cider. Sorry to burst your Android bubble, iPad is still the king of tablets! Now don’t go on saying that we have to wait and watch for Chrome Tab, when its released in November. I am just tired of waiting for Android to prove itself worthy. Aren’t you? 😉


It’s easy to be the top selling tech gadget when there’s really no real competitor in the market. iPad is really the first slate tablet to hit the market by storm, but it’ll be interesting once the Blackberry Playbook, Samsun Tab (Anroid), Chrome OS and Windows 7  tablets hits the market.

Of course the tablet market will take some of the market share from the PC and netbooks, that’s just basic economics.  It’s not like we suddenly got a huge increase in population. Consumers that simply need a device to surf the web would  naturally lean to a tablet device. Manufactures are seeing the need in the market hence the big push to release them just in time for the holiday season.

Wait and see AppleGirl, by the end of this year there’ll be a whole slew of tablets in the market to give the iPad some competition.  Remember, good things come to those who wait 😉

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