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October 8, 2010

Antennagate, now glassgate?


Just a couple of months ago, Steve Jobs had to deal with the whole Antennagate fiasco. Job’s solution to the whole antennagate problem was to slap a case on the iPhone and  problem solved! Now, ironically there are reports in which slide-on cases can trap dirt that causes scratches on the back panel, which in it of itself isn’t a huge deal. However, the scratches can lead to cracks and in worse case scenarios cracking of the back panel all together. Supposedly, Apple has pulled some of these cases and started a testing program to determine if  there really is an issue.

AppleGirl, I sure hope you got the bumper for your iPhone. Wouldn’t want that pretty phone of yours to get shattered 😉

Source: engadget


GooleChic, let me count the number of months it’s been since the iPhone  4 was released.


How many customers have complained about the so called “glassgate”?


Your story purports to come from a blogger who got the news from “sources both inside and outside Apple”.  Are we all so dumb to believe one person’s unwarranted claim?

Design flaws are born out of customer issues. Go ahead, search the web and find me a customer complaint about this. Lets look for real issues (like loose hinges on T-Mobile’s G2 and yes, that’s what you call a customer issue) instead of smacktalk.

Suck it up Androids, it’s time to accept it that your Android phones will never match up to the iPhone. 😉 GoogleChic, I know you are jealous of the sheer glass edgy look of the iPhone and its retina display. You cannot deny that using sliding cases and dirt traps.


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