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May 18, 2013

Google Glass



Google Glass is one of the most hyped technologies at the moment. For $1500, Google distributed it to a group of explorers, who it hopes will develop apps to run on Glass.

For starters, its basic features include searching the web, taking pictures, videos, reminders, emails and sharing. Companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Ebay are developing apps for Google Glass. In fact, I think, Glass will quite nicely lend itself to a completely new set of applications for augmented reality. Just like how the smart phone was a few years ago, wearable computing is the next exciting thing in the tech horizon.

Glass works with any blue-tooth enabled smart phone using a MyGlass App, which is currently available for Android. But apps for other platforms will be released. Also to go online, Glass would need to be tethered to your phone.

Given the beta state of the device, there will be lots of new features and maybe a new form factor to come when Google officially releases it next year (hopefully lower than a $1500 price tag 🙂 ).  

Check out the Google’s promo video on “How it feels through Glass”. What do you think of Google Glass?

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