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July 29, 2010

How does HTC name ’em?


Have you wondered why HTC names all its phones with lame superlative names? If you  know what HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation) stood for, you would probably understand why they have naming block going on.

But partly I dont blame them for the “spectacular” (that’s a  pun intended!) names they come up with. For a company which is pumping out dozens of models a year, it must really be tough to name its products!

So what’s HTC”s “brilliant” (again, pun intended!) idea? The company turned to its Facebook followers to come up with names. Why not crowd source the work? They know their marketing team sucks anyway. Or wait, maybe they should have asked the “genius” Windows Phone 7 Series guys to help them out.

Here’s the poll from Facebook. Sounds like someone went to a Bon Jovi concert the day before they created the poll!! I am a little disappointed with the options given. HTC, I know you could have done better (HTC Scorpion, HTC Rolling Stone, HTC Sting?)

As if that were not enough they even had an ad campaign which says “Set your fingers free” (like free to clench my fist  and punch you in the face?)

Now here’s the cherry on top. The company logo itself! ROTFL! GoogleChic, I can imagine you fuming with anger. But it’s okay to laugh a little! After all, you wouldn’t want to change your name to “GoogleChic Incredible” would you? 😉


HTC utilizes energetic superlative to indicate that its phones can squash its competitors’ in a heartbeat!

If you want to compare, I guess if you can count then you can name an iPhone. There’s the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (I swear at one point it was iPhone 4G).  Wait, where’s 2? Oh never mind, I guess the numbering system is too overrated for Apple. Let’s name it according to it’s features instead. iPhone 3G for it’s 3G capabilities. iPhone 3GS, S for speed since it has a faster processor. I’m not quite sure how iPhone 4 came about, but if I were to guess, they “borrowed” a good to have feature (4G capability) from one of its competitor (hmm let’s just say HTC EVO)  and coined it iPhone 4G. Oh wait according to the AppleGirl it’s iPhone 4 (drop the G since it doesn’t really support 4G speed).

And for the icing on the cake, let me just remind everyone of the iPad debacle. Need I say more?

As for HTC’s “quietly brilliant” slogan, I think it’s brilliant! HTC let’s the power of its device “quietly” speak for itself. Unlike the “there’s an app for that” catch phrase we see in EVERY commercial.

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