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October 30, 2011

Free 24 hr live broadcast on Bloomberg TV App


Bloomberg, in a move to differ itself from the competitors, is offering a Bloomberg TV+ App, giving a 24 hour live broadcast subscription free to all iPad owners. Other new agencies such as CNN, reserve the live stream to their subscribers only. Go grab your Bloomberg+ TV App now. 

October 27, 2011

Create your own App on the iPad using Codify


 An interesting App called Codify has made its arrival to the App Store. The App brings you touch based programming and let’s you create your own Apps on your iPad. If you are a geek like me, you will be super excited about it 😛

Codify lets you create your own programs using the Lua programming language by writing code directly into your iPad. But there is  a catch! Apple recently eased restrictions on Apps which run interpreted languages such as Lua. Although Apple now allows to run the interpreted language in-app, it does not allow the download of such Apps. In other words, if you create an App using Codify, you might not really be able to sell it or share it at the App Store (The developer has submitted the code for sharing your Apps but is not sure if Apple will  allow it). However, I think Codify is a neat tool to make prototypes and test out your idea before you actually jump knee-deep into making a full-fledged iOS app. Codify is now available at the App Store for $7.99. Check it out!


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