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October 30, 2011

Apple Shots – Halloween


 It’s 4 legged Halloween .. 

Photo Credit:CarrieLu

October 14, 2011

iPhone 4S seems to fix “death grip”


MacRumors reports that Apple seems to have fixed the death grip  issue – signal loss when holding the phone –  with the new iPhone 4S. If you have followed this issue since the iPhone 4 launch, you know there has been a lot of hype around it especially from competitors.  Consumer Reports had stated that they wouldn’t recommend iPhone 4 due to its signal attenuation  problems. Apple even held a press conference that the signal loss occurs on all mobile phones to a certain degree.

Early iPhone 4S reports seem to indicate that the issue has been resolved. During the iPhone 4S launch, Apple announced some upgrades with respect to the antenna design. The iPhone 4S can now intelligently switch between two antennas depending on signal conditions.  Apple might have fixed the death grip issue as part of its antenna upgrade.

So if you were putting off buying an iPhone because of the death grip, you will have to find another reason now 🙂

Source: MacRumors

January 12, 2011

Verizon iPhone vs. AT&T iPhone


Today Apple and Verizon announced the release of the CDMA version of the iPhone 4.


  • The Verizon iPhone will be available for purchase early next month (Current subscribers can pre order starting February 3. Available to all at Verizon and Apple stores starting February 10)
  • Pricing is $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB. Data prices not announced. Rumored unlimited data plan for $30 a month.
  • Support for tethering upto 5 devices. Hot spot prices not yet announced.

The Good

  • Tethering – The Verizon iPhone 4 can share the 3G connection with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. GoogleChic, that means Android just lost some bragging rights 🙂
  • Choice of network – Prospective iPhone 4 customers can now choose between AT&T and Verizon network. AT&T iPhone exclusivity was propelling Android phones on Verizon. With the  Verizon iPhone release, we can look forward to Android’s downhill trajectory 😉
  • No crappy pre-installed Verizon Apps – Shouldn’t we thank Apple for keeping these operators like Verizon on a tight leash?

The Bad

  • No LTE support – The Verizon iPhone 4 supports CDMA (3G) only and  is not LTE (4G) capable. So you cannot avail the super fast 4G LTE network data rates on the iPhone.
  • No simultaneous voice and data calls – Ouch this one is gonna hurt Verizon! Verizon’s CDMA network can’t handle data and voice both at the same time and AT&T can! (You should expect to see AT&T dissing Verizon over this in the future)
  • CDMA technology – If you are one of those world trotters, you won’t be able to use the Verizon iPhone in most countries where CDMA is not supported.
  • No Facetime over Verizon network – Just as AT&T, Verizon will not allow FaceTime over its 3G network. With an expected 9 – 10 million units sales by end of this year, Verizon seems to be reluctant to give away its 3G network for FaceTime calls. GoogleChic, do you think Verizon expects more video calling with iPhones than with Androids? 😉
All in all, if you think AT&T network really sucks and you are one of those tethering freaks who doesn’t mind the few drawbacks then the Verizon iPhone is a good fit for you.


Finally! After the long grueling wait(years in fact) the iPhone is now available on big red.

However, as AppleGirl has mentioned there are quite a number of drawbacks that you will need to evaluate before switching to big red if you wish.

Yes, tethering is supported on the Verizon’s version, but is that more important than being able to surf and talk at the same time? I agree with AppleGirl on this one, it’s a big ouch! As for bragging rights, I’m actually tired of bragging about being able to tether. This is old news for us Android users, we’ll move onto bragging about dual core phones and fingerprint scanners on our phone (more to come on this, I’m referring to the Motorola Atrix 4G).

Not to mention, Verizon is coming out with their LTE network, but thanks to Steve Jobs, iPhone users are going to be left behind since Apple doesn’t like to adapt to “newer” (not proven according to Jobs) technologies. Again, think about a dual core processor phone utilizing the 4G speed, this is the future, taking the power of smartphones to a new level. Hmm, AppleGirl sounds like the Android trajectory will just go uphill 😉

In fact, I’m really happy that the iPhone is going to Verizon. Now that AT&T is no longer the exclusive carrier it looks like they’re finally improving their Android line. In fact the Motorola Atrix 4G is heading to them!

For all you die hard Apple fans, check out the chart below from Engadget. It’s food for thought before you lock yourself down one way or another.

January 8, 2011

LG Optimus 2X duels iPhone 4


iPhone 4 didn’t even stand a chance against the dual core LG Optimus 2X. In a recent browser speed test over WiFi the Optimus 2X slaughtered the iPhone 4. LG Opitmus 2X is the first dual core (Tegra 2) Android phone. It sports a 4 inch display, a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera along with a 8 megapixel camera. It also supports DLNA :), an HDMI output and has the ability to capture 1080p videos.

Not bad right? Check out the video below, it sure makes the iPhone look archaic!

P.S It’s rumored that the Optimus 2X is coming to T-mobile sometime in March (right now it’s only released in Korea). I’m crossing my fingers  on this one!

source: androidcentral, engadget


GoogleChic, the best part of the LG Optimus 2X is the dual core processor. In spite of being a wee bit larger than the iPhone, the LG Optimus 2X screen display cannot beat the iPhone 4’s Retina display.

For me the iPhone clearly wins in the OS and form factor aspect if not in the processor part of it. Apple is rumored to release iPhone 5 with a dual core processor in the summer of this year.

According to an analyst at Rodman and Renshaw, “Apple is on track to refresh the iPad by March and iPhone by late summer. A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores”.  So if you are in the market for a dual core processor, don’t jump the gun just yet!

GoogleChic, you should cross your fingers hoping that Optimus 2X will support HSPA+ (TMobile’s self proclaimed 4G network :))

LG Optimus 2X Commercial

December 26, 2010

Refurbished iPhone 4 as low as $79 with AT&T activation!


Didn’t get that iPhone 4 gift you were waiting for this Christmas? 😉 AT&T has cut $50 from the price tag for refurbished iPhone 4’s. The refurbished phones are usually returned or exchanged phones which have been tested for quality. So if you are short on cash, this is a very good deal for the iPhone 4. Moreover, AT&T is also selling iPhone 4 with a cosmetic blemish for as low as $79 with activation!

  • iPhone 4 16GB — $99
  • iPhone 4 32GB — $199
  • iPhone 4 16GB with cosmetic blemish — $79
  • iPhone 4 32GB with cosmetic blemish — $179

Source: 9To5Mac

December 22, 2010

iPhone 4 discounted to $147 at Sam’s Club!


This is the one of the best iPhone discounts yet. Macrumors reports that Sam’s Club is offering 16GB iPhone 4 for only $147 (compared to the original $199 price tag). They are also selling the iPhone 3GS for only $47 (compared to $99 that Apple charges). Both come with a 2 year AT&T contract. It’s not too late to get that holiday gift you have been looking for 🙂 Hurry! Offer ends on Friday December 24.

December 9, 2010

Pure Google – Nexus S


It was a busy day for Google yesterday. They announced Gingerbread (Android 2.3), Nexus S and Andy Rubin even gave us a preview of Honeycomb (Android 3.0) on a Motorola prototype tablet!Let’s start off with Nexus S (more to come later on Gingerbread and Honeycomb). It’s official, the long awaited second generation Google phone was announced yesterday. The Nexus S is much like the existing Samsung Galaxy S. So what does this new device bring to the table?


  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) O.S – provides a more refined UI experience and faster processing time.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) – allows you to read information from tags
  • 1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor
  • 4 inch Screen (contour design)
  • 512 RAM, 16 GB ROM

All in all the phone looks slick. However, there are a couple of disappointing factors that I have to point out. The phone doesn’t support HSPA+ (only HSPA). There’s no removable micro SD card but essentially a 16 GB  one built in. Not sure why Google and Samsung decided to do this, now it’s just like the iPhone where you’ll have to backup your data into another device (major disappointment Google!)

When Google discontinued the Nexus One, they stated that there would not be another Google phone, so why now? Check out the video below for Google’s back story of the Nexus S. “Nexus is about bring the pure Google experience” (I have a feeling that AppleGirl will get a kick out of this one ;))

Nexus S is $529 unlocked and $199 with a 2 year T-Mobile contract. It’ll be available on Dec 16th at Best Buy and Dec 20th at Carphone Warehouse.

Source: androidcentral, engadget


GoogleChic, I’m not really sure what is so exciting on the Nexus S. The hardware is nothing new or revolutionary and if Gingerbread is the star of the show, then I don’t get why we are making a big deal about a mediocre phone. Most of the existing Android users should be able to upgrade Gingerbread sometime in the future so I don’t think people would buy this phone only because its loaded with Gingerbread.


The hardware specs of Nexus S match the iPhone except of course iPhone 4 has a higher pixel density Retina display. I can see GoogleChic rolling up her sleeves to fight the Retina – AMOLED battle 🙂 Jokes apart, with an unsurprising hardware and unexceptional software upgrade (watch out for our iOS vs. Gingerbread battle blog), Nexus S doesn’t live up to expectations. Nexus S is not attractive enough for existing Android users, let alone for anyone switching from a different OS like iOS or Blackberry.

It’s a shame that it does not support HSPA+, after all the drama about T-Mobile’s biggest 4G network, the least T-Mobile should do is release more HSPA+ capable phones. The phone  comes with only 16GB memory. Although 16GB should be sufficient for any normal person, you don’t have an option to add on more memory if you wanted to. Unlike the Nexus S, iPhone 4 is available in 16GB and 32GB flavors, so if you are memory thirsty then iPhone will quench you thirst.

GoogleChic, you were right about me cracking up about the “Pure Google Experience”. Geez, does that mean you don’t get the same experience on other Android phones? 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

November 19, 2010

Upscale Android phones


Designers are jumping on the Apple bandwagon and making iPad cases.

Looks like designers are jumping on the Android bandwagon as well. Giorgio Armani is partnering with Samsung to release the Galaxy S (it looks like the AT&T version, the Captivate). For €700 you’ll get extra multimedia software preloaded to the phone.

Acer and Ferrari is also partnering up to release an Android phone. No details just yet but only 200,000 units will be produced. The phone will also be preloaded with software from the racing team. Hey all you Formula 1 fans, are you drooling over this phone yet?


Look! Apple has an upscale phone that anyone can get their hands on! It’s super sleek, classy and is the best out there. If you don’t like the vanilla iPhone 4 looks then you could customize it with the multitudes of iPhone skins that are available in the market. I can almost certainly guarantee you that you can get a wider variety of cases or skins for the iPhone as compared to any of the Android phones. So why not pimp it up the way you like it 😀

You won’t be missing much of the custom Giorgio Armani or Ferrari apps, because the App Store has more than 250,000 apps (much more than Android Market), which means you can find any kind of App you wish!

For those uninitiated in creativity, here’s a luxury designer iPhone with a bejeweled look! Designer Stuart Hughes’s Diamond Rose iPhone 4 costs a whopping $8 million and is the most expensive iPhone 4 in the world. It doesn’t come with a “I am rich” app, but hey with a phone like this, who needs a pre-loaded designer app? 😉

August 31, 2010

New iPhone 4 in September?


Recently, Mexican carrier Telcel’s representative indicated that Apple will release a revised version of the iPhone 4 in September. Surprisingly, this coincides with Steve Jobs’ announcement that Apple will offer free bumpers  for phones bought until September 30.

If the speculation is true, come September, iPhone 4-antennagate free might be up for sale? Want it?


Sound the alarm! If this news is true, does that mean Steve Jobs will admit on September 30th that he was wrong? That there really was an issue? I mean he did tick off half the mobile world with his death grip demo, so if I were Jobs I would come out waving a white flag 🙂

P.S Maybe all you iPhone lovers who still haven’t pulled the trigger should wait until September 30th to see how this pans out. Do you really want to purchase a defective device?

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