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January 2, 2012

GamePad for your tablet


60Beat – GamePad for your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch is the new kid in the block. It brings a full-sized game pad designed for iOS devices and it connects via headphone jack. Being an ardent gamer myself, I like the classic touch to the new generation of gaming devices. However, I would rather not shell out $50 for 60Beat if instead I could use my PS3 gamepad to do the same task! 

Android users have an advantage. They can connect their Wii remotes with their Android devices using BlueTooth and the XBox 360 controller wirelessly with an additional device connected to the Android USB port. 

The gamepad though isn’t the future of gaming, in my opinion, Kinect technology is! How would you like to be entertained? 😛

[Source] TechCrunch, Android Simplicity

May 17, 2011

iPod Nano Watch


It’s old news that the Nano can be worn on your wrist. But we have a new player in the field. Kickstarters raised $1M for LunaTik+TikTok wristbands with nearly 13,500 backers! These wrist watches will be carried at the Apple Store. If you are on the lookout for other styles, you can find some on Griffin.

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September 22, 2010

Apps that will save your day!


Were you almost run over  because you didn’t hear the car horn? Or are you that person who was stuck in the building when the fire alarm went out and you were the only one who didn’t hear it? If yes, then I am sure you have had many more close encounters, all because you had snug earphones with music blaring in your ears!

Essency’s Awareness App allows you to listen to your music peacefully, without having to worry about not hearing  outside noise like warnings, sirens, horns, shouts, alarms or conversations. It uses the built in microphone on the iPhone and iPod touch to pick up outside sounds and relay them to your ear buds when they cross a certain threshold (and of course, it comes with loads of settings so you can personalize the App!)

For $4.99, you get to hear everything that’s going on around you while also listening to your music.  Is this an App that will save your day?  Do I see any nodding heads?

The UK company Essency was formed by a collaboration of sound recording engineers, programmers and musicians, who share a passion for technology and music. Essency has more apps coming your way! So keep an eye out for them!

GoogleChic, do you have any life  saver apps in the Android Market Place? Got nothing better than Type n Walk? Humor me 😉


The Awareness App is pretty kool, but my problem is always forgetting to turn off the ringer volume. There have been times when I have forgotten to turn off my ringer at work and have walked off to the other end of the floor. The next thing you know, my cubbies are swarming around my desk trying to turn of my ringer which is at full blast (we have low cubes so you can see across the whole floor). It wouldn’t be that embarrassing if you had a normal ringtone, but for awhile I had  it set to One Step at a time by Jordan Sparks 🙂 (hey I just love that song). What’s worse is those iPhone fanboys (cubbies of mine) tries to operate the Nexus like an iPhone (big mistake!). Everyone knows you swipe left to end a call, right to answer one. Every time, they decide to swipe right, which in turns answer the call; can you picture the clusterF 🙂

So here comes Locale to the rescue. You can control your ringer volume (amongst some other things) based on either location (office) or time (9-5 pm). I found that the volume control feature works really well based on time. On the flip side, the location feature is not as accurate and it drains your battery as it attempts to use your GPS. You’ll have to dish out $9.99 for Locale, so there are some other options such as FoxyRing. FoxyRing utilizes ambient noise detection like Awareness to adjust your ringtone.

September 8, 2010

Apple faux pas- Ping and Photoshop


Apple seems to be having a couple of hiccups lately. It looks like Steve Job is off doing his own thing again. What a surprise right? Ping, Apple’s new social network which debuted last week utilized Facebook’s friend finding API without signing an agreement. Facebook requires that a company sign an agreement with them when the API is heavily utilized. Well, it turns out that Apple and Facebook did not reach an agreement but Apple decided to use it anyways. What happens next is pretty comical, Facebook decided to shut Apple down, leaving them to scurry around to remove all of it’s Facebook integration from Ping.  Combine this with other complains that have been voiced I would say Apple has a flop on their hands.

Not to mention, Apple apparently doesn’t know the concept of proofing. The 4th generation iPod touch sure looked like the iPhone in its promo pictures. Did you know that you could make phone calls on the new iPod touch? NOT! Check out the promo picture below, not only does it have a dialer it also supports messaging as well!

Apple are you red in the face yet?


If you ask me, Mark Zuckerberg would have been more than thrilled to collect all the cash from the new 160 million Ping user traffic. He was probably more scared that Ping users would crumble the Facebook servers. Check out the Ping screen shot below. You think one of them might be the real Zucky, looking for new ideas to integrate into Facebook?

While we are talking about Ping, I think its pretty cool that Ping is integrated on the iPhone/iPod touch as part of the iTunes app. GoogleChic, I just sent you an invite! Don’t fret, you can still access Ping on your computer. 🙂

Now are we picking up random pictures and pointing out Photoshop errors? Ouch, you touched a raw Apple-Adobe nerve with Photoshop. Steve Jobs might be really red in the face about that!

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September 4, 2010

iOS 4.2 … Let’s get the party started!

BY THE APPLE GIRLThis is Apple making Google work harder!

iOS 4.2 brings  iPad up to date with the iPhone and iPod touch software. Now that you used your iPad to create documents, you can also use it to print them wirelessly on iOS4.2.

The most exciting feature for me is Airplay. Airplay lets you play media from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to anywhere in your house – wirelessly!

You can now stream your music over Wi-Fi to Apple TV and Airport Express. I can hear some groaners already! Don’t own an Airport express or Apple TV? No problem! Apple brings music streaming to some big third party audio makers including Denon,  Marantz, Bowers & Wilkins, JBL and iHome. I’m loving it. GoogleChic, should I advice you to buy an iPhone before you throw your holiday party? I am sure you don’t want to be fumbling the playlist on your computer after a few drinks!

Now for some bad news! You can’t get your hands on these updates until November. While we are talking about music, have you tried Ping yet? Ping has topped more than a million users in less than 48 hours. GoogleChic, let’s talk about Google’s Buzz success  vs. Ping’s? 😉  Ouch, do we only see Buzz’s 8.5 million dollar privacy suit dent?

BY THE GOOGLE CHICGoogle is already hard at work with Gingerbread; Android 3.0.

Mum is the word when it comes to Gingerbread, but supposedly it’s a overhaul of the UI and you would need to meet the minimum hardware requirements to run it (1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM 3.5 inch display). I wonder what Google has in store for us but I have a feeling that it’ll surpass Apple’s iOS 4.2.

As for Bing, opps! I mean Ping, it looks like it’s a big DUD. There are a million users because every Tom, Dick and Harry went and got an account. However, it sounds like a lot of people are frustrated that it’s hard to find your friends and can only display songs you like if you’ve purchased it in iTunes.

P.S AppleGirl, after a few drinks I don’t think it matters what playlist you’re looking at. Whether it’s on the computer or your iPhone, it should all look pretty confusing by then 🙂

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September 1, 2010

Apple got news! iOS4.1, iPod Shuffle, Touch, Nano, Apple TV, Ping ..Pheew!


Round up of the iNews from today’s Apple event.

1. iOS 4.1 includes HDR photos and Game Center

Sony, if you thought Apple was stealing your PSP customers, you better watch out now. You probably need a better ad to diss Apple (and a better phone too!).  iOS4.1 also includes the proximity sensor and the much complained about iPhone 3g fixes. iPhone 3g whiners, here you go.. Steve got these just for you!

2. New iPod Shuffle brings back buttons, that we all know and love and playlists. In hot new colors, you should spot people sporting them at your gyms pretty soon!

3. New multitouch iPod nano with a 24 hour battery life. Talking about nano devices .. Isn’t this the most amazing smallest multitouch device to own?

4. New super sleek iPod Touch with retina display and front facing camera. GoogleChic, I know you secretly want the new iPod touch. Wanna facetime? 😉

5. iTunes 10 with Ping Social Network – Eric Schmidt, now don’t be a cry baby and say  that you weren’t warned about the new iTunes 10!

6. New Apple TV – Isn’t it as cute as a button? And its only $99! Stream rental movies ($4.99) and TV shows ($0.99), Netflix, Flickr  or videos from your computer! Apple’s got a lucrative gadget hobby going on here!

Chris Martin from Cold play gave a closing performance to wrap up the event. Google, got anything other than geeky demos at your events? And GoogleChic, don’t even get started on Google’s innovation and zero marketing skills! We all know you got nothing! 😉 (Well nothing  except Google search! Wake up from your la la land Android dream!)


AppleGirl, here’s what I think about your roundup

1. iOS 4.1  – The HDR photo feature is pretty cool, I do want to check this out. Other than that, nothing major really stands out for me (sorry am not a gamer, so I’m not all gitty about the Game Center). Overall, it looks like minor feature updates and bug fixes. Nothing too life changing. Let’s see what iOS 4.2 will bring. Watch out Apple, Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) is in the works, do you think you can beat that?

2. Haven’t really ever been a big fan of the shuffle, why not just spring for the nano?

3. Okay, I do have to say that the nano’s touch screen is pretty cool. However, the screen is too small to really do much with it.

4. AppleGirl, I wouldn’t want to be stuck at home just so I can facetime with you since it requires wifi. Oh wait, the iPhone requires wifi too! I’m just saying, EVO video calling over 4G sounds a little bit more versatile to me 😉

5. Ping, sounds like Apple is using the Bing search engine to recommend songs 🙂

6. Apple TV, let me pay $99 so I can spend more money to stream videos that I have to rent! Yes it’s a small device, but are you going to travel with it? Stream from your laptop ppl!

At the end of the day the geeks will be geeks, we appreciate our device for what it is. We don’t need Coldplay to show up just to buy a device 😉

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September 1, 2010

Media Alert: Watch Apple’s September 1 event only on Apple devices!


Want to hear what Apple’s got up its sleeve today? Are you a Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad owner or have access to any of them? If you answered yes to both the questions, hurray! you are one of the selected few to be able to watch it online.  GoogleChic, want to borrow my iPhone? 😉

Live video stream of Apple’s September 1 event

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 10:00 a.m. PDT



Don’t worry AppleGirl, I’ll managed to borrow an iPhone somehow. I’ll keep quiet for now but more to come later 😉

P.S If it was a Google event, it would be open to ALL, none of this Apple device only BS.

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August 27, 2010

iMobile vs Android Car


GoogleChic, how do you like the sound of GM + Google? Do I see you squirming at the sound of it? 🙂  There are rumors flying around that GM is teaming up with Google to use Android as the in-car computer system. I can imagine your sweet Samsung Galaxy S Tab stuck on the backseat of a giant a$$ truck!

Now imagine a super classy Mercedes fitted with the best of the iGadgets. Brabus has turned the dream car into reality by converting a Mercedes S600 into an Apple Mobile. Two iPads on the rear seats, controlling the car’s multimedia and command system, an iPod touch, three displays and a Mac mini among other iDevices is part of the iBusiness package.  Not to mention that the car sprints from 0 to 62 mph in 4 sec. GM, beat that!

Isn’t this a “gizmocar dream” come true?  Someone pinch me! 😀


AppleGirl is right about one thing, I am squirming at the sound of GM + Google because I would never buy a GM no matter how cool the Android features could potentially be. Moving past the whole GM car ordeal, being able to potentially use your phone to lock/unlock, start/stop your car is pretty nifty!

Personally, if I was going to Brabus to sup up my Mercedes, I would just ask for the car to be fitted with Android devices. For the amount money that you’ll be spending I”m pretty sure they don’t have a problem throwing in the devices of your choice 😉

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August 18, 2010

Smell that funk?


An exploding iPod in a Japanese subway, how embarrassing for Apple! This comes after the fact that the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has already urged Apple to replace iPods made between September 2005 and December 2006 due to reported incidents of overheating, causing fires and minor burns.

AppleGirl, no need to reference Antennagate here.  An 8 min delay on a Japanese subway should say enough, considering 2 mins on their  books is a train behind schedule.


GoogleChic, I just got a tip from one of my buddies at Apple and confirmed the new rumor around the mill!

The burning Apple product on the Japanese train was an iPuff, a top-secret (and dare I say patented!) new sensation. Apple secretly released it to a select few for field testing.My sources indicate that the iPuff will be released on Feb 29, 2011.

In the meantime, maybe I can snag a few from my buddy. GoogleChic, want one? 😉

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