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August 16, 2010

Chump change for a fancy phone?


Gresso released the Las Vegas Jackpot phone which cost only a million dollars. That’s chump change for Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt right?

For the night out on the town our techy CEO’s should spot something fancy; black diamonds, sapphires, 200 yr old African blackwood.

Although, there’s no details on the specs of the phone. Maybe you can get Android 2.2 or i OS 4 loaded on it 🙂

P.S Steve Jobs, at least there’s no gap in the phone so you can hold it however you want!


GoogleChic, I am not sure about Eric Schmidt, but I can assure you that Jobs is not going for that gold brick! Google, go ahead, be another Microsoft and flaunt your worthlessness in a million dollar structure. iOS on that .. NO WAY!

While we are talking about fancy phones, Gresso’s exclusive iPhone is something girls are going to drool over. Guys, if you are rolling in money and want to buy your girl a classy case for Christmas. This is it!

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