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December 19, 2010

How to fake it on your phone!


It looks like my fake manually set your location comment the other day about Latitude sparked some interest. So here are some quick instructions.

1) Open the Latitude application on your phone

2) Click Menu-> Privacy->Set your location

3) You now have the option to choose your location from the following

  • My current location
  • Enter an address
  • Contacts
  • Point on map


If you are one of those “faking” types, then here are a bunch of Apps which let you fake other things on your phone. You will find them handy when you want to bail out on your girlfriend/boyfriend or get out of a work meeting.

Fake-A-Call Free and Fake ‘Em Out Lite are free Apps that do the basic fake calling pretty well. They let you set up a caller name and set up a time when you want the call. Your phone starts ringing and you can answer it like any regular phone call and quickly slip out of the room.

Fake-A-Call ($0.99) not only does fake calling and fake texting but also helps you fake a conversation by playing out a scripted dialogue from a boss, a friend or whoever is supposed to be calling you. It also dictates lines for you to repeat so you don’t find yourself mumbling nonsense and messing up your fake call 😉

Fake It Free features fake background sounds for you to excuse yourself out of a call. So you could pretend to be in a busy subway when you are actually chilling at home drinking a beer 😉

There’s also a free Fake-A-Location App which lets you pin point a location on the map and send a GPS location update via email and SMS to anyone. However that someone you are sending it to might be stalking you on Latitude, and that’s when GoogleChic’s Latitude 101 cheat sheet might come in handy! 🙂

Most of these Apps are also available on Android and Blackberry, so you can fake it on any of these platforms.

Fake ‘Em Out Lite Screenshots

December 13, 2010

Google Latitude on iPhone!


Today Google officially debuted its Latitude App on the App Store. Latitude lets you see where your friends and family are in real time. The native iOS app includes support for background location based monitoring, which means you can continuously share your location even after closing the App. Sounds a bit creepy? I think so.

Although Latitude is supposed to be a 100% opt-in feature and lets you control your privacy, it takes some effort to make sure that you are off the grid. I don’t know about GoogleChic, but I’m lazy about explicitly turning off features whenever I don’t need them 😛

Google claims that 9 million people actively use the service across a variety of platforms. I hope most of them have consciously opted in to the service and are aware that their location is being tracked.

Latitude is somewhat of a far cry from other location based services like FourSquare, GoWalla, Facebook Places which broadcast your location, recommend places, find discounts for businesses and offer tips on locations in your vicinity. But Latitude seems to be Google’s first step towards a location based social network.


Latitude is a 100% opt-in feature and not only does it let you control your privacy, it lets you fake manually set your location too 😉 Pretty neat, if you don’t want to be stalked. Of course, if you’re like me, I decline all Latitude invites. Somehow, I just never got into the share your location with the world concept (no offense to those who like this).

The one good thing about Latitude is that it’s real time, there’s no “check-in” required unlike FourSquare.

All you iPhone lovers, now you can stalk follow the Andorid lovers to your heart’s content.

P.S AppleGirl, I know you’re just dying to check this out. I’ll make an exception and accept your invite 🙂

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