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December 21, 2011

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review


It’s now been a week since I got the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which I LOVE!  Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

Overall it’s a solid device, and the best part of the phone is Android 4.0; Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).  I love the face unlock feature which is a new feature in ICS. It’s really cool but it’s more of a show feature. After about two days, I got sick of looking at myself every time I had to unlock the phone and eventually reverted back to the old school slide unlock. The other thing that I really like a lot is the speed of the speech to text feature. With the improved speech to text feature it’s pretty much real time and you’re able to indicate punctuation and emoticons 🙂 Google has also improved the camera, pictures now snap instantly. In fact it was so fast, I took the same picture a couple of times thinking that it wasn’t working!

As for the hardware, the phone feels solid. I LOVE love LOVE the 4.65 screen size. At first I was very worried that it would be too big, but when you hold it in your hand it feels comfortable. The extra real estate is much appreciated when I’m surfing and watching TV on my phone (yes I use my phone as my primary device). Also, it doesn’t feel clunky when you’re actually talking on the phone.

Now for the bad. As many people have complained and Verizon has acknowledge, the signal strength on the phone is not awesome. Considering that I moved from T-mobile because I had issues with dropped calls, I wasn’t too thrilled when I found this out. Although, the signal is weak I haven’t had any dropped calls yet (knock on wood) and voice quality is good. Verizon has pledge to fix this issue with a software update so I guess I can live with it for now and shack it up as the price to pay to be an early adapter.

As for the ugly, the battery life on the phone is HORRENDOUS and I’m extremely disappointed from this aspect. Although, I have to say it’s improved over the week. Earlier this week I managed to get 3.5 hours of battery life out of the phone, I was on LTE and was heavily using my phone. So here are some tips and tricks to help improve your batter life on your Galaxy Nexus.

  • Turn off haptic feedback- I heavily use GTalk on my phone so I found this really helped. To turn this off go to Settings-> Keyboard ->Android Keyboard settings (or the keyboard of your choice) -> uncheck vibrate on keypress. Additionally, you can turn off the haptic feedback on the menu buttons by going to Settings-> Sounds-> uncheck the vibrate on touch 
  • Turn off WiFi- Turn off WiFi when it’s not needed. I installed Llama which is a location profile app and have set it to turn off WiFi when I’m not at home. 
  • Set WiFi to never sleep when your phone is in the away mode (Settings -> WiFi->Advance->Keep WiFi on during sleep (always))
  • Use auto brightness on your phone
I know that the reason that the battery life is so poor is mainly due to the fact that I’m using LTE. You can always opt to not use LTE but one of the reasons why I got the phone is for the improved data speeds so that wasn’t an option for me. Also, Google is soon releasing an update which should help battery life. With the small improvements I managed to get 10h 8 mins today with 14% left. Also, I didn’t use my phone quite as often today but I’m much more happier that I was able to go a full day without charging it.
With that said, if you’re not willing to live with the minor issues then hold off on getting the phone. Otherwise, I would jump on it right away 🙂


July 21, 2010

Nexus One, failed attempt by Google?


Everyone seems to be all gitty about Google’s announcement to stop selling the Nexus One phones online via their website. There are numerous critiques in which Google failed at their experiment in trying to sell the Nexus online only. However, did they really fail?  Do you remember the first Android powered phone, the G1? The hardware, was to tell the truth rather ugly, (and I owned one) but the software was/is awesome! After the release of the G1, there were not many attractive android handset to choose from until the Nexus came into the picture. Google was innovative in the way they set the bar for future Android powered phones when they launched the Nexus. Since the release of the Nexus, the Droid, EVO, Galaxy S and now recently launched Droid X came to play and they sure are giving the iPhone a run for its money! In the Android world, it’s sad to say the Nexus is now antique and all things must come to an end. Even though, the Nexus didn’t stick around in the US market too long Google was able to use it to inspire the next generation Android phones which are thriving in the market. Failed? I think not!
Wat’s your take?
P.S The Nexus will be available in Europe and Asian. Also, it’ll be available still through third party vendors for google developers
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The “iPhone Killer” is dead!

In hope of the amazing evolution of the Android ecosystem, Google has decided to scrap its “super-phone” and officially stopped selling the phone on its web site.

The smart phone, that was supposed to save the world from the Apple domination, suffered a quiet death. Google CEO Eric Schmidt admitted saying that Google does not plan on making any Nexus successors.

Did many people really care for Nexus One?Apparently NOT!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So GoogleChic, what would you like to buy next? A phone that will never go out of style (even with an antennaid!).. An iPhone perhaps?

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