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July 24, 2011

Lion hits a million downloads in one day!


Apple announced that in just one day, a million users downloaded the Mac OSX Lion. The new MAC OS introduces over 250 features including the Mac App Store, full screen Apps, Multi touch gestures, Launch Pad and Facetime.

While we are talking about software updates, StickyComics has a funny one comparing Linux, Windows and Mac. But wait, Lion OSX is (Ooh only) $29.99 😀


I read a funny post on Facebook the other day.If I search for “LION” on Google, it takes me to the “Apple” Store !!!! Now, when my daughter asks me “Daddy, What is a Lion?” I can’t even tell her “Just Google It” 

A million downloads in one day? No wonder Google’s search engine is rating the “Apple LION” higher than the Wikipedia’s definition of a “Lion” 🙂

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