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October 22, 2010

Future of computing!


Apple has shifted the memory paradigm from hard drive to Flash, which makes the MacBook Air much faster, slimmer, lighter and efficient. Apple has also killed the optical drive and replaced CD/DVD usage with a slick USB drive. Just like how floppy disks are out of style, Apple is trashing the optical drive for a USB drive. This could be the future of memory storage as we know it. In the future, we might be renting movies on a coin sized flash drive or online instead of DVDs.

With a uni-body enclosure made from a single piece of aluminium on the MacBook Air, Apple sure knows how to re-engineer notebooks. The best of all is the instant on feature. Like on the iPad, you get to access all your data as soon as you turn it on! I’m loving the instant gratification!

Yet again, Apple is trend setting future computing standards while giving us a beautiful efficient piece of hardware unlike other manufacturers, who regurgitate the same 20 year old formula. GoogleChic, should I explicitly point out that your Acer falls in the 20 year old category 🙂 Oh wait, you think Mac Book Air is too expensive compared to your Acer! It’s like saying you would buy a gold ring for $600 at Macy’s, and expect to buy a diamond ring at Tiffany’s for the same price. Pardon me for not comparing apples to apples! 😉


Like I said yesterday, the Macbook air is slick. When it comes to hardware Apple is very innovative with their design and is a trend setter in this area.

However, Apple’s products are on the high end when it comes to pricing. It looks like I hit a nerve yesterday since  AppleGirl is calling my Acer a 20 yr old device.  Hmm that’s very interesting, here’s what may Acer 3820T has

1) It has a Intel Core i3 processor. It’s a better processor as compared to the new Mackbook air which sports only an Intel Core 2 duo.

2) It has a 320 GB hard drive. As compared to the 256 GB flash drive on the 13.3 inch Mackbook air.

3)  It is a 13.3 inch laptop just like the 13.3 inch Macbook air.

4) Just like the Macbook air it doesn’t have an optical drive.

5) It supports a multi gesture track pad just like the Macbook air.

Do you really think all that is 20 yr old technology?  It looks very similar to me 🙂  I’m sorry AppleGirl if I’m not one track mind like you. There are other options out there and why not explore them when you can save $400 (actually more since the Acer is 13.3 inches)?

It’s like buying a loose diamond and getting it set as compared to buying a diamond ring at Tiffany’s. The diamond is of the same color, cut clarity but you’re paying the price for the name 😉

P.S Did you know that Acer and Ferrari go hand in had? Ferrari is know for speed and top of the line product 😉

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