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March 1, 2011



It’s that dreaded time of year again to file your taxes.

TurboTax has released a SnapTax application to help you expedite this process 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I hate reading those numbers from the W2 form and keying it into the app. You can now take a picture with your phone and it’ll automatically fill out the form for you. All you have to do is verify that the information is correct!

The best part of it is you can even file from your phone, well at least for people who have easy returns. The app is free, but to file it’ll cost you $14.99 which isn’t a bad deal at all.


Tax returns can’t get easier than SnapTax. IRS released an App called IRSToGo for tax payers too and it does almost nothing!

IRSToGo lets you check your federal tax refund status, subscribe to tax updates to help you with your tax planning and preparation and lets you sign up to follow the IRS Twitter feed.

Really, is that all IRS could put into an App? Do we need another useless App? Ouch I forgot that we paid for it! 🙂

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