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August 31, 2010

Google to compete with iTunes?


Rumors are flying around that Google is in search for a Google music head. Many sources cite that Eric Shmidt is attempting licensing deals with record companies. So, is Google planning a rival to Apple iTunes?

I think that by the time Google comes out with its music store, iTunes will be way ahead in the horizon with a cloud based iTunes store or an iTunes store with social networking features! Come Sept 1 with Apple’s special event, Schmidt might want to rethink his strategy!

Another Google failure coming up! Too little , too late! GoogleChic, I am sure you disagree! 😉


Too little, too late, really? What happens now when you google a song that you’re interested in? Google search returns youtube results along with the most relevant results.

AppleGirl, remember awhile back when you were making fun of Chrome OS? I recall that in the Chrome OS demo (cloud based OS by the way) when you searched for a song, you could stream the song directly from the search page. Now put that together with Google’s powerful engine to recommend songs based on your preferences, search criteria and the ability to instantly buy the song. Sounds pretty cool to me. Yes, a Google music store will benefit Android users but I think it goes beyond that and benefits web users as well. It looks like Google is trying to bring it up a notch!

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July 28, 2010

Apple is the best shopkeeper!


Apple, through its iconic style and design has found its way to Fortune’s Top 10.  I think that the retail store architecture speaks volumes about the company’s minimalistic design.

For the stat-hungry guys: Apple generates $4,032/sq foot a year at the Fifth Ave NYC store while Tiffany & Co. on the same street gets $2,666. The same Apple store attracts 50,000 people a week.

Its no surprise that Microsoft also wants to join the wagon. Click to learn 10 ways how Microsoft retail stores will differ from Apple’s. This one is my personal favorite “Fashioned after Microsoft’s User Account Control (UAC) in Vista, sales personnel will ask you whether you’re positive you want to purchase something at least twice.” (If you have spent countless frustrated hours on Vista like me, you would think its funny too!).

GoogleChic, now that Google has decided to stop selling Nexus on their website, what do you think they have up their sleeve? Maybe go after Apple’s retail strategy? (that wouldn’t surprise many of us!)

Pictures speak more than words! I better stop writing and let you look at them.

P.S: Girls, you might want to note that these Apple stores are the hot spots to meet guys.

Manhattan, NYC [Source]

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France [Source]

Shanghai, China [Source]

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan [Source]

Regent Street, London, UK [Source]


Apple has always been on the forefront with their hardware designs, and I’ve always loved it (that is minus the recent glitch).  It’s slick  yet simplistic designs are what attracts many to the Apple products, so it’s only fitting that their stores reflect the same motif.

How will Microsoft’s retail stores differ from Apple’s?  For starters, imagine a Disney store feel, with kids running around playing Xbox games (maybe they can create a new game with 6 levels; Starter, Basic, Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate). Hey, they hired the Dreamworks executive for a reason right? Maybe Shrek will be there for the grand opening meet and greet 😉

As for Google, don’t fret AppleGirl just because there’s no fancy store to step into. They OWN the internet already, revenue with little overhead what more can you want? By the way just admit it, Google’s simplistic take on their search engine may make Google’s designs more similar to Apple’s than you would like 😉

P.S: Girls, you don’t need an Apple store just to gawk at hot guys, the power of Google lets you do that at home 🙂

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